Bellator Future looks Bright

Bellator second best MMA promotion in the world since Scott Coker became the new Bellator promoter in 2014. Bellator continues to rise because of Scott Coker and 2018-2019 showed true promise for Bellator with Douglas Lima defeating Rory MacDonald, Rizin partnership, Future stars such as AJ McKee and James Gallagher. Future looks bright for Bellator.

Bellator’s Next Decade Stars

Bellator 2020 decade looks very exciting with Scott Coker signing future stars and Bellator champions such as AJ Mckee, 24 Year Old Future Bellator Featherweight Champion, Aaron Pico 23 Year old Featherweight who has potential!!

James Gallagher future Bellator Bantamweight Champion ( Conor McGregor’s protégé), Yaroslav Amosov( 23-0 Welterweight), Juan Archuleta( TJ Dillashaw sparring partner) Ed Ruth (Penn State All American Wrestler).

Bellator’s stable of young talent has never been better. 10-20 more Bellator fighters I didn’t list who have serious potential to be challengers or winner for Bellator titles, Ranked top 5 in their weight class.

Watch Douglas Lima pass the torch to Amosov, Patricio Friere loses to AJ Mckee, Juan Archuleta defeating Patrico Friere. Bellator veterans losing to Bellator prospects.

Scott Coker in the 2020 decade WILL continue to sign top prospects from around the world, Becoming future champions and build the brand of Bellator.

Bellator 2020 Decade Vision

Bellator and Rizin cross promotion partnership is a partnership I hope continues. Scheduling dream fights!! Kyoji Horiguchi defeating Darrion Caldwell, Tofiq Musaev defeating Patricio Pitbull. Lorenz Larkin defeating Keita Nakamura. Bellator partnering with Rizin is a great business decision.

Bellator/ Rizin cross prromotions should be a consistent event with Kyoji Horiguchi defending the Rizin Bantamweight Title, Simon Biyong ( Light Heavyweight Prospect) fights Ryan Bader, Tofiq Musaev fights the Bellator Lightweight Champion. The cross promotion maybe has a crazy FIGHT that attracts millions of new viewers.

Since signing former UFC Fighters, Top Prospects Bellator is considerably popular since the start. Bellator can have events in Los Angeles, London, Dallas, Atlanta, Dubai, Chicago, Seattle instead of “small cities”. Selling out arenas because of the rising Bellator stars and new Bellator free agent signings.

What I hope to see is more respect towards Bellator!! Bellator has GREAT champions who can beat UFC champions, Since Bellator is second place there’s a overall lack of respect.

Douglas Lima potentially can beat Kamaru Usman, Patricio Friere can beat Alexander Volkanovski. AJ Mckee TOP TEN Featherweight in the world. Best way to earn respect is Pitbull, Lima, Michael Chandler is expire their contracts, Become free agents and sign with UFC. UFC vs Bellator and see who the winner is!!

Lima beats Usman or UFC Welterweight Champion millions of new fans for Bellator!!


Overall I believe Bellator is heading to the right place, Scott Coker 2nd best Promoter in the world is doing a excellent job running Bellator with attracting free agents and signing world class prospects. Bellator vs Rizin is a smart idea and hope it continues .

AJ Mckee, Ed Ruth, Yaroslav Amosov, Aaron Pico, James Gallagher, Adam Borics future BELLATOR champions and the future stars for Bellator in the next decade.

Cheering for Bellator’s success!!

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