Brave CF #1 Middle East Promotion Present & Future

Brave Combat Federation founded by Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa and ran by Mohammed Shahid(President of Brave CF) . Mohammed created the #1 Middle East MMA promotion by having events in Brazil, Middle East countries, Mexico, Morocco, England, Romania. Impressively building the Brave CF brand across the world.

Brave CF building a popular MMA promotion since 2013 and building a talent underrated roster such as Stephen Loman(Brave CF Bantamweight Champion) Bubba Jenkins( Former Brave CF Featherweight Champion) Luan Santiago, Cleiton Silva (Brave CF Lightweight Champion) Jarrah Al -Selawe.( Brave CF Welterweight Champion)

Talented stable of talent that continues to grow in 2020 signing Brazilian, Middle East, European prospects and former UFC/Bellator Fighters.

Brave CF 2020 Season was expanding to Sweden April 18th Brave CF 37 but Covid 19 is preventing the upcoming events to proceed in 2020 but Mohammad Shahid is resilient and looking forward to rest of 2020.

ā€œOur job is to put on events and entertain the people. Fighters, managers, and trainers have a job to do, but this is a global issue, a world problem, and these are the priorities.

ā€œEvery step we take will be in the best interest of the public, the governments, and the people. This is my personal promise to you and our top priority right now.

Brave CF 2020 season will continue when this virus is over and grow the brand like never before as Mohammad Shahid the most underrated MMA Promoter works hard on promoting Brave CF in various countries.

Brave CF Future

Brave Combat Federation will have decades long of success by signing free agents from UFC, PFL, Bellator, One Championship to slot the main cards and sign TOP prospects from the world.

Picture seeing Brave CF becoming a hot spot destination for prospects who can build their profile abroad before signing with UFC, Bellator or One Championship. Earn better money than fighting on the regional stage for two thousand to five thousand dollars.

Since Brave CF, Mohammad Shahid understands the business of MMA in the next decade we can see Brave CF partner with One Championship, Rizin, KSW, PFL and do cross promotion events. Similar way as Rizin and Bellator.

Competing with top PROMOTIONS will only increase the brand Brave Combat Federation.

2020 decade and decades after will watch Brave CF have cards in Tokyo, Sydney, Rio, Mexico City, London, Dublin, Moscow, Istanbul, Cairo and many more global cities.

Watching Brave CF Champions ranked top ten in their weight class than go on to sign with UFC, Bellator or One Championship.

Top 5 Feeder League in the world potentially in the 2020 decade and for the years to come.

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