Brave CF 48 Prospects to Watch

Brave CF 48 Arabian Night is a stacked event top to bottom, Brave CF matchmakers really know how to matchmake. Signing world class prospects, Potential Brave CF champions. Brave CF has several prospects from Middle East leading first generation of Middle Eastern prospects to take charge.

Olli Santalahti

Olli Santalahi touted Finnish Welterweight prospects, Fighting for the Cage Warriors version Cage(Nordic Promotion). 11-3 record at 26 years old. #1 Finland Welterweight Prospect. Olli making his Brave CF debut, Looking to become a Brave CF Welterweight Champion with his time with Brave CF.

Olli #1 Strength is wrestling, Dominating his opponents with grappling. Reminds me of Emil Weber Meek and Gunnar Nelson. Olli definitely talented prospect but needs to improve his striking. Hopefully doing that with Finnfighters Gym.

Continues to improve his striking that we see in his fight against Georges Eid “Lebanese Bulldozer” 30 years old. Trains at Tristar Lebanon.

Eid never faced a wrestler like Olli before, Olli definitely will dominate this fight. Controlling the fight for three rounds.

Maysara Mohamed

Maysara Mohamed newly signed #1 Middle Eastern Flyweight prospect, Winning Arabic Ultimate Fighting Championship flyweight title against Mohamed Gamal 7-2 record. Two time Egyptian Kung Fu champion & four time Egyptian kickboxing champion. High level striker amongst the best strikers on the Brave CF roster.

“BRAVE CF is one of the best organizations in the world and the first in this Middle East region. It is the reason for the emergence of fighters in the East, especially the Arab world, and we are all proud to appear as BRAVE CF Fighters to the world.”

Maysara Mohamed about to become a STAR for Brave CF, Future Brave CF Flyweight Champion as he continues to improve grappling wise. Excited for this fight against Issa Salem.

Michael Aljarouj

Michael Aljarouj #1 French Flyweight prospect, Winning 100% Fight Flyweight title before signing with Brave CF. Only 23 years old 7-3 record.

Yiles Djiroun

Former PFL Fighter, XFN, Contenders Norwich Lightweight Champion signed with Brave CF. Taking advantage of free agency. Signing with #1 Middle East Promotion. Ylies Djiroun making his Brave CF debut, Exciting debut to watch. Very talented fighter now looking to pursue the Brave CF Lightweight Title, Making a name for himself.

  • 28 years old
  • 17-6 record
  • Former PFL Lightweight
  • Bulgarian Top Team Gym(Top European Gym)

Rizin Should Sign Jose Torres BRAVE CF Bantamweight

Rizin Fighting Federation Bantamweight Division is one of their few weight classes with Kyoji Horiguchi, Kai Asakura, Takya Mizugaki, Justin Scoggins and Victor Henry. Since Manel Kape signed with UFC, Congrats to him and his family. Rizin should sign Jose Torres when his contract expires.

Jose Torres BRAVE CF

Jose Torres is a 27 year old Bantamweight, Former UFC Flyweight who only fought twice with the UFC. Post UFC signed with the Brave Combat Federation #1 Middle East Promotion. Top TEN MMA Promotion in the world.

Torres at Brave CF 23 defeated Amir Albazi, London Shootfighters Prospect, Former Bellator fighter. Impressive win for Torres as Amir is one of the best young Bantamweights in the world.

Jose Torrres is one of the upcoming stars for Brave CF as it’s well deserved.

Brave CF 29 Torres would’ve fought for the Brave CF Flyweight Title but the fight was postponed because Torres father would pass away.

Brave CF 35 Torres vs Mattheus Niccolau was part of GROUP A for the Inaugural Brave CF Flyweight Tournament. However that was canceled as well because of the annoying virus.

Two exciting fights that Jose Torres has to make up in 2020 when the Virus is officially over!!

Torres defeats Niccolau, Than Malcom Gordon or Flavio De Queroz.

“I actually think Matteus Nicolaus is a much tougher fight than Marcel Adur,” Torres said. “We saw his fights against John Moraga, and we saw his fights against Louis Smolka. Both guys are good. John Moraga is a veteran and Louis Smolka, I believe he had a six-fight run in the UFC before he was released and re-signed.

Torres vs Gordon for the BRAVE CF Flyweight Title be one of the biggest flyweight fights of the year. Torres wins that I believe his multi fight deal expires.

Rizin & Jose Torres

Jose Torres contract expires with Brave CF in 2021 he should take his talents to Rizin and fight in the Rizin Bantamweight Tournament. Opportunity to fight Kyoji Horiguchi for the Rizin Bantamweight Title, Fight Bellator Bantamweights and earn LOT MORE MONEY.

Makes the best business sense to fight for Rizin.

Brave CF #1 Middle East Promotion Present & Future

Brave Combat Federation founded by Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa and ran by Mohammed Shahid(President of Brave CF) . Mohammed created the #1 Middle East MMA promotion by having events in Brazil, Middle East countries, Mexico, Morocco, England, Romania. Impressively building the Brave CF brand across the world.

Brave CF building a popular MMA promotion since 2013 and building a talent underrated roster such as Stephen Loman(Brave CF Bantamweight Champion) Bubba Jenkins( Former Brave CF Featherweight Champion) Luan Santiago, Cleiton Silva (Brave CF Lightweight Champion) Jarrah Al -Selawe.( Brave CF Welterweight Champion)

Talented stable of talent that continues to grow in 2020 signing Brazilian, Middle East, European prospects and former UFC/Bellator Fighters.

Brave CF 2020 Season was expanding to Sweden April 18th Brave CF 37 but Covid 19 is preventing the upcoming events to proceed in 2020 but Mohammad Shahid is resilient and looking forward to rest of 2020.

Our job is to put on events and entertain the people. Fighters, managers, and trainers have a job to do, but this is a global issue, a world problem, and these are the priorities.

Every step we take will be in the best interest of the public, the governments, and the people. This is my personal promise to you and our top priority right now.

Brave CF 2020 season will continue when this virus is over and grow the brand like never before as Mohammad Shahid the most underrated MMA Promoter works hard on promoting Brave CF in various countries.

Brave CF Future

Brave Combat Federation will have decades long of success by signing free agents from UFC, PFL, Bellator, One Championship to slot the main cards and sign TOP prospects from the world.

Picture seeing Brave CF becoming a hot spot destination for prospects who can build their profile abroad before signing with UFC, Bellator or One Championship. Earn better money than fighting on the regional stage for two thousand to five thousand dollars.

Since Brave CF, Mohammad Shahid understands the business of MMA in the next decade we can see Brave CF partner with One Championship, Rizin, KSW, PFL and do cross promotion events. Similar way as Rizin and Bellator.

Competing with top PROMOTIONS will only increase the brand Brave Combat Federation.

2020 decade and decades after will watch Brave CF have cards in Tokyo, Sydney, Rio, Mexico City, London, Dublin, Moscow, Istanbul, Cairo and many more global cities.

Watching Brave CF Champions ranked top ten in their weight class than go on to sign with UFC, Bellator or One Championship.

Top 5 Feeder League in the world potentially in the 2020 decade and for the years to come.

Mochamed Machaev 20 year old European Prospect UFC signs in 2020 or 2021

Mochamed Machaev 20 YEAR OLD Lightweight 8-0 record recently fought on the Brave Combat Federation 34 event by defeating Matjaz Vicar. Machaev is one of the top European Eastern Lightweight Prospects at 20 years old. Machaev should remain at Brave CF and rise up the ranks to win the Brave CF Lightweight Title. Win the Title and he’ll be one of the hottest MMA prospects of 2020 or 2021.

Machaev wins the Brave CF Lightweight Title than signs with UFC under a development contract or be patient and fight for KSW the best European MMA promotion. Win the KSW Lightweight Title or be one of the best KSW fighters. Last option is fighting for Cage Warriors by defeating the best European Lightweight Prospects than signs with the UFC.

Guarantee for Machaev is he’s fighting for the UFC no way he isn’t. He’s 20 years old with a 8-0 record. Fighting for Brave Combat Federation.