ONE Championship 2020 Signings Wishlist

One Championship since signing Ben Asken, Eddie Alvarez, Demetrious Johnson One Championship has been a attractive destination for free agents and prospects. Exciting to see One Championship has a viable option for free agents and prospects at a high level!! Wishlist I have for One Championship to sign TOP free agents and prospects, Underrated fighters!!

Roberto Soldic

Roberto Soldic, World Class welterweight at 25 years old. KSW Welterweight, TOP 5 Welterweight not fighting for the UFC. One Championship signs Soldic they’re signing a STAR, One Championship Welterweight Champion.

Soldic sells out arenas in Poland and will sell out arenas in ASIA.

Stephen Loman

Stephen Loman Brave Combat Federation Bantamweight Champion #1 Brave CF fighter of all time. Loman is from the Philippines, Makes perfect sense for One Championship to sign Stephen Loman.

Loman wins over Frans Mlambo, Gary Mangat, Elias Boudegzdame and Louie Sanoudakis. Defeating 4 talented Bantamweight prospects.

Loman vs Bibiano Fernandes, Loman vs Lineker, Loman vs Belingon.

Mateusz Gamrot

Mateusz Gamrot 29 yeas old 15-0 record KSW Featherweight Champion, Defeated Norman Parke. Gamrot is 29 years old, Prime of his career. Time to sign with One Championship, Fight Martin Nguyen for the One Championship Featherweight Title.

Rafa Garcia

25 year old Combate Americas Lightweight Champion. #1 Lightweight Prospect in Latin America and the United States. In the future One Championship wants to have events in the Americas and no perfect fighter would it be to sign Rafa Garcia.

Tomasz Narkun

Narkun KSW Light Heavyweight Champion at 30 years old, Prime age for fighters. Narkun defeated top Europe prospects, Brazilians, Former UFC Fighters in his KSW Career. Potential fight Narkun vs Aung La Nsang if Tomasz Narkun decides to sign with One Championship.

Hottest Light Heavyweight prospect on the market.

Luan Santiago

Pride was well known for there Brazilian fighters and the tradition of Brazilian fighters in Asia can transition to One Championship. Luan Santiago 25 year old Lightweight who fights for Brave CF, Former Brave CF Lightweight Champion is the next wave of talent in Brazil.

Luan Santiago hottest Brazilian prospect. Imagine him fighting in the stacked One Championship Lightweight division.

Luan Santiago vs Eddie Alvarez. Luan Santiago vs Christian Lee.

Brave CF #1 Middle East Promotion Present & Future

Brave Combat Federation founded by Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa and ran by Mohammed Shahid(President of Brave CF) . Mohammed created the #1 Middle East MMA promotion by having events in Brazil, Middle East countries, Mexico, Morocco, England, Romania. Impressively building the Brave CF brand across the world.

Brave CF building a popular MMA promotion since 2013 and building a talent underrated roster such as Stephen Loman(Brave CF Bantamweight Champion) Bubba Jenkins( Former Brave CF Featherweight Champion) Luan Santiago, Cleiton Silva (Brave CF Lightweight Champion) Jarrah Al -Selawe.( Brave CF Welterweight Champion)

Talented stable of talent that continues to grow in 2020 signing Brazilian, Middle East, European prospects and former UFC/Bellator Fighters.

Brave CF 2020 Season was expanding to Sweden April 18th Brave CF 37 but Covid 19 is preventing the upcoming events to proceed in 2020 but Mohammad Shahid is resilient and looking forward to rest of 2020.

Our job is to put on events and entertain the people. Fighters, managers, and trainers have a job to do, but this is a global issue, a world problem, and these are the priorities.

Every step we take will be in the best interest of the public, the governments, and the people. This is my personal promise to you and our top priority right now.

Brave CF 2020 season will continue when this virus is over and grow the brand like never before as Mohammad Shahid the most underrated MMA Promoter works hard on promoting Brave CF in various countries.

Brave CF Future

Brave Combat Federation will have decades long of success by signing free agents from UFC, PFL, Bellator, One Championship to slot the main cards and sign TOP prospects from the world.

Picture seeing Brave CF becoming a hot spot destination for prospects who can build their profile abroad before signing with UFC, Bellator or One Championship. Earn better money than fighting on the regional stage for two thousand to five thousand dollars.

Since Brave CF, Mohammad Shahid understands the business of MMA in the next decade we can see Brave CF partner with One Championship, Rizin, KSW, PFL and do cross promotion events. Similar way as Rizin and Bellator.

Competing with top PROMOTIONS will only increase the brand Brave Combat Federation.

2020 decade and decades after will watch Brave CF have cards in Tokyo, Sydney, Rio, Mexico City, London, Dublin, Moscow, Istanbul, Cairo and many more global cities.

Watching Brave CF Champions ranked top ten in their weight class than go on to sign with UFC, Bellator or One Championship.

Top 5 Feeder League in the world potentially in the 2020 decade and for the years to come.

Albert Tumenov Free Agent Signs with One Championship?

Albert Tumenov former UFC Fighter was released than signed with ACB(Russian Promotion) for a three fight deal. Extended his contract with ACB. Career with ACB has awarded Tumenov the ACB/ACA Welterweight Title. Tumenov is now a free agent and interested in signing with UFC but instead of UFC love to see Tumenov sign with One Championship.

Tumenov signing with One Championship at 28 years old would be a highlight free agent signing for One Championship as Tumenov is one of the best welterweights in the world.

Tumenov would fit well with One Championship as he can be one of the main attractions for the 2020’s decade and fight the best One Championship Welterweights.

Contributing to creating a stacked One Championship Welterweight division.

Tumenov vs Kiamrian Abbasov (ONE Welterweight Champion)

Tumenov vs James Nakashima (Welterweight Prospect)

Tumenov vs Yushin Okami

Albert Tumenov would be fully capable of winning the One Championship Welterweight Title, Earning six figures and fight on the main events. Being a partner with the PPV Buys. Best decision for Tumenov is sign with One Championship instead of UFC.

One Championship Women’s Division Future

Miesha Tate pioneer of Women’s MMA transitioned to executive role at One Championship, Goal and focus building up the One Championship Women’s roster to compete with UFC and Bellator. Angela Lee is leading the charge for One Championship but in my opinion lack talent.

One Championship, Chatri Sityodtong( President of One Championship) wants to compete with UFC and Bellator they desperately need to build the women’s roster!! They have the capital to sign UFC, Bellator women free agents and have them become stars, Winning titles.

Sign the top FEMALE prospects in the world, Present the future and are heroes(role models) to the female fans in Asia and the Middle East.

Be really amazing to see One Championship spend millions of dollars signing free agents and prospects, Having the argument about having the best women’s stable of talent in the world. Can go neck and neck with UFC/ Bellator in the future, Years to come.

Building the women’s roster will only help, Increase the brand of One Championship for the 2020 decade. NEEDS to be a goal for Chatri and his team to expand the women’s divisions.

Canada Hottest Prospect Taylor Lapilus

Canada well known for their MMA talent from George St Pierre, Rory MacDonald to name a few. Now there’s a new fighter emerging Taylor Lapilus(Former UFC Fighter) a 27 year old Bantamweight who defeated Nathan Maness(Top Canada Bantamweight) for the TKO Bantamweight Title. Lapilus is the #1 Canada Prospect and deserves to fight for a top MMA Organization.

Taylor Lapilus stand out wins are Ulka Sasaki, Josh Hill(Bellator Fighter and Fight Night Fighter) and Nathan Maness.

Lapilus currently signed with ARES FC, Rising MMA promotion in Africa and Lapilus planned to be one of their main attractions. Lapilus potential ARES FC Bantamweight Champion, Main Event three or four cards as his name becomes hotter and hotter.

“For 2020, I hope to make a return to the UFC,” Lapilus told MMA Junkie. “I want to fight the best guys in the world, and I think the majority of them are in UFC. I’m confident that I can go far once I come back. I don’t have specific opponents in mind, but I know I lost a bit of time, and I’d like to fight the best guys on the roster.”

UFC #1 MMA Organization but there’s Bellator and One Championship who’d be incredibly grateful to sign #1 Canada Prospect. Future UFC, Bellator or One Championship Bantamweight Champion. Main Event cards in Canada!!

Future UFC/ Bellator Fighter Paddy Pimblett

Paddy Pimblett was 12-1 before losing to Nad Narimani at Cage Warriors 82. Since the loss has a 2-1 record recently defeating Decky Dalton at Cage Warriors 113. Pimblett in 2020 will win the Cage Warriors Lightweight Title, Attract the UFC or Bellator and become an attraction on England cards!!

“No one can stop me,” he said. “The only thing that can stop me is myself, and I’ve done that in the past and gone in there with injuries and different stuff. But I’m a different person now. I’ve grown up, I’m a different person, and I can’t wait to (expletive) fight.”

“After a dominant performance like that, in half a round, you never know who’s going to come calling, do you?” Pimblett said. “We’re open to all offers, so we’ll see. I was speaking to Joe (McColgan) (on Thursday) and Mason before, and if they ever want to get it on in the future, I’m always here. I’ll fight anyone. I won’t back down to anyone, and I’ll fight for that belt – I want that belt. But I’m sick of people asking me, ‘When are you going to the UFC?’ So when the coronavirus gets to (expletive), we’ll see what happens.”

25 Years of age Paddy is leading the charge as the next wave of United Kingdom talent. Paddy has United Kingdom star potential, LOOK, TALENT and PERSONALITY to be a main attraction for the UFC or Bellator.

2020 will see Pimblett get signed by UFC or Bellator as one of the hottest prospects in the world just win the CW Lightweight Title, Defend the title once and he’ll be on his way!!

PFL Future Light Heavyweight Champion Jordan Young

Professional Fighters League entered their 2020 season with new signings to expand the PFL roster with more talent and Jordan Young former Bellator Light Heavyweight signed with the PFL. Jordan Young isn’t a OLD UFC veteran, He’s a 25 Year Old Light Heavyweight with a 11-1 record.

Young trains at world class MMA GYM American Top Team and ATT is growing another CHAMPION. Jordan Young has all the skills to become 2020 PFL Light Heavyweight Champion and win the 1 million dollar prize which is life changing money for him.

Jordan Young was one of the hottest free agents on the market and both sides made the right choice.

“Nothing matters in this,” Young said. “Popularity, what you do outside – fighting is the No. 1 thing. It’s like ‘Mortal Kombat.’ There’s no ducking anybody. It’s always about who is next in line, and I’m looking at it as a fight to the death, every single one. I’ve always been ready to die, even for the lesser checks. I would let myself die for $50,000, so imagine what I’ll do for $1 million.”

Jordan Young because of his youth and potential PFL Light Heavyweight Champion talent can become one of the rising stars for PFL in 2020. Main Event slot fights which is every fighters dream besides becoming CHAMPION.

Excited for Jordan Young’s 2020 PFL Season as he has the opportunity to win PFL Light Heavyweight Title, Fight the Top Light Heavyweights in the world and build his brand fighting on ESPN.

Smart decision for Jordan Young as a “Prizefighter.”

Future Stars for One Championship

One Championship growing rapidly since 2011 signing future champions Aung La Nsang, Bibiano Fernandes, Brandon Vera to build the brand of One Championship. One Championship continues to sign fighters across the world, Some are the future for One Championship as there the ones to expand the brand of One Championship.

Christian Lee

Christian Lee is the One Championship Lightweight Champion, 21 Years Old!! #1 Future Star for One Championship when One Championship begins to expand to Europe, Africa, North America, South America. He’ll be the main event headliner defending the Lightweight Title.

Christian Lee has beaten Shinya Aoki, Legend of Rizin, Bellator and Dream!! Incredible at a young age he defeated Shinya Aoki and is a champion for a top 3 MMA Promotion.

Watch out for Christian Lee in the next five years when One Championship continues to sign the top available Lightweight free agents!!

Reinier de Ridder

Dutch Middleweight 12-0 record at 29 years old, Prime of his career. 3-0 with One Championship is fighting Aung La Nsang next and has a very high possibility to beat Aung La Nsang. Reinier can fight on main events in Europe.

James Nakashima

James Nakashima former LFA Welterweight Champion is 3-0 with One Championship at 31 years old. Potential to be One Welterweight Champion and become a star. Fighting the top welterweights One Championship has to offer.

Iuri Lapicus

Romanian Lightweight 14-0 record (2-0) with One Championship. 24 years old is a rising star and was supposed to fight Christian Lee for the Lightweight Title.

Iuri before fighting for One Championship was one of the best Welterweight prospects in the world.

Angela Lee

Angela Lee 23 years old is Christian Lee’s sibling. Angela is extremely talented as the One’s Women Atomweight Champion. Next decade will see One Championship sign the top Women free agents in the years to come and Angela Lee will fight them.

KSW Most Underrated MMA Promotion in the World

UFC, Bellator and One Championship are the top 3 MMA promotions in the world, Fighting the best of the best but there’s a POLISH Promotion called KSW that can compete with the Professional Fighters League for the 4th best promotion.

Martin Lewandowski and Maciej Kawulski are the founders of KSW, Continue to be the promoters since 2004. Gradually growing KSW to the point that Jan Błachowicz and Karolina Kowalkiewicz are alumni of KSW. KSW has a streaming deal with DAZN, Watch their latest events and upcoming talent.

KSW can compete with PFL because of their world class talent, There’s a group of fighters who are the best fighters not in the UFC.

Roberto Soldic

Roberto Soldic is 25 Years old, KSW Welterweight Champion. Top 5 Welterweight not in the UFC. Defeated Driscus Du Plessis. He’s the star of KSW, Selling out fifty thousand seated arenas as the main event!!

Definitely in the next five years will see Soldic be talked about more. He’s a special talent.

KSW will continue to sign free agent welterweights and offer fights to Soldic, Building the brand of Soldic as one of the TOP Welterweights.

Salahdine Parnasse

Salahdine Parnasse is the #1 European Prospect. Every once in a while sport fans and MMA fans get to watch prodigies who amaze us every time they perform and Salahdine is one of those prodigies. Parnasse is 22 years old and already the KSW Featherweight Champion.

Parnasse impressively defeated Ivan Buchinger in his last fight. Incredible to watch Parnasse tear apart Buchinger who was a multiple time European MMA Champion for couple MMA organizations.

Need to watch it on DAZN I’m telling you I was speechless…

Parnasse will continue to get better and get more notoriety as a top PROSPECT. One day watch Parnasse fight on the Ultimate Fighter, Fight on UFC France Main Card or on the Dana White Contender Series.

Mateusz Gamrot

Gamrot 29 years old was the former KSW Lightweight Champion before vacating the title to Norman Parke. Garmot by the way defeated Norman Parke twice, Defeated Mansour Barnaoui(Road FC Lightweight Champion).

Gamrot can beat UFC, Bellator and PFL Lightweights. In the prime of his career right now. Top 5 Lightweight not in the UFC.

Tomasz Narkun

Tomasz Narkun is the KSW Light Heavyweight Champion. Defeated Mamed Khalidov, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou Nkamhoua former Pride and UFC Fighter.

Narkun is 30 years old and probably will see him get signed by the UFC.

KSW signing a streaming deal with DAZN was the best decision they’ve ever made. More exposure than ever before as the world can watch KSW! Watch Soldic, Parnasse perform twice a year. Attracting future free agents from the UFC, Bellator or One Championship, Help grow the promotion for the next decade.

Check out KSW on YOUTUBE they upload fights on their channel and on DAZN. Definitely watch Salahdine Parnasse vs Ivan Buchinger. In for a real speechless treat.

Africa & UFC Future

Israel Adesanya, Kamaru Usman, Francis Ngannou, Sodiq Yusuff are four of the Africa UFC Fighters in 2020 but there’s plenty more MMA Fighters to come from Africa. Soccer players changing from cleats to fighting gloves.

UFC & Africa

Israel Adesanya, Kamaru Usman, Francis Ngannou UFC is bound to host UFC events in Africa, Either Morocco, South Africa. Definitely will see UFC host an event in Africa in the next couple years.

Dana White talks about UFC Gyms in China, Puerto Rico, Mexico and without a doubt will expand into Africa because of the high level athletes in Africa. Watching two UFC champions already.

Expand into several UFC gyms in Africa such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana investing in the future of UFC and MMA fighters. Growing UFC champions.

Israel Adesanya in the future looking to return to his homeland of Nigeria and begin to build MMA Gyms.

Francis Ngannou future UFC Heavyweight Champion

The UFC gyms in Africa will create future UFC champions!! Definitely a part of Dana White’s vision to fully take advantage of Africa’s market. Former UFC fighters as coaches training future UFC Champions.

Only can imagine the spectacle if Israel Adesanya fought Jon Jones at Morocco, South Africa be one of those special events that we look back in a decade and see how incredible it is.

No way UFC doesn’t target Africa the timing hasn’t been MORE perfect!!

Bubba Jenkins PFL 2020 Featherweight to watch

Bubba Jenkins top five Featherweight not in the UFC was a former Brave Combat Federation Featherweight Champion. 14-4 record making a name for himself fighting for Brave Combat Federation as the star!! Jenkins now signed with the Professional Fighters League, Fighting for the 1 million dollar prize!!

Bubba Jenkins fully capable of winning the PFL Featherweight Tournament because of his world class talents and work ethic. Jenkins was a former Arizona State and Penn State All American wrestler, Wrestling the most important discipline in MMA.

Reigning PFL Featherweight Champion Lance Palmer was a four time Ohio State All American Wrestler. Dominates his PFL Featherweight opponents but Bubba Jenkins because of his world class wrestling can challenge Lance Palmer for the PFL Featherweight Title!!

One Championship Welterweight James Nakashima 2020 Next Fights

James Nakashima LFA Welterweight Champion is NOW 3-0 with One Championship. Nakashima is one of the One Championship Prospects that’s going to have an exciting 2020 season potential becoming a One Championship Welterweight Champion!! What fight will take James Nakashima to the One Championship Welterweight Title Shot?

James Nakashima vs Agilan Thani

Aglian Thani Malaysia Prospect is 10-4 with One Championship. 24 years old. Top 3 One Championship Welterweight Prospect. Prospect vs Prospect!! Agilan Thani potential Welterweight Champion fighting James Nakashima would be a very exciting fight to watch.

Zebaztian Kadestam vs James Nakashima

Zebaztian Kadestam former One Championship Welterweight Champion be a tough but interesting fight for James Nakashima. Veteran of One Championship. Contender fight for the One Championship Welterweight Title.

One Championship Rising Star Troy Worthen

Troy Worthen United States Featherweight Prospect unlike most prospects didn’t sign with UFC or Bellator instead signed with One Championship. NOW 3-0 with One Championship, Last win was his biggest by defeating Mark Abelrado at One Championship: King of the Jungle.

Troy Worthen 26 years old 7-0 record fights in the One Championship Featherweight Division.

Part of the wave of Americans signing with One Championship. Worthen started out as a teenager, Top 5 Wrestler in his weight class at the state of Florida. All- American Wrestler while at the University of Central Florida.

Now trains at the powerhouse ASIA MMA Gym Evolve Fight Team with Shinya Aoki, Rafael Dos Anjos, Christian Lee. Worthen is an all around fighter now who continues to progress and has shown lately fighting for One Championship.

Worthen One Championship 2020 season is going to be very exciting. Most likely see two more fights of Troy Worthen in 2020, Moving up the One Championship Featherweight Rankings… Eventually offered a One Championship Featherweight Title Shot!!

Aaron Pico Bellator 2020 season

Aaron Pico Prodigy of Mix Martial Arts signed with Bellator in 2014, Expected to be the Lebron James of MMA. Dominate his opponents and win the Bellator Featherweight Title. However that wasn’t the case… Pico 5-3 record, Fans calling Pico a bust but Pico I believe and others will become Bellator Featherweight Champion. 2020 Aaron Pico will prove everyone he has the potential to be one of the greats.

Aaron Pico & Jackson Wink

Aaron Pico transferred his talents to Jackson Wink, Coached by Greg Jackson. #1 or #2 Best MMA Coach. Pico’s first fight with Jackson Wink was against Adam Borics but lost, Looked great for most of the fight but one shot changed it all. Pico’s last fight against Daniel Carey was his best performance.

“I have nothing but great things to say about Greg (Jackson), ‘Six Gun’ (Brandon Gibson), coach (Mike) Winkeljohn, Roberto Tussa, and all my training partners. There are a lot of good guys over there at Jackson Wink that help me out. My family. I just feel really, really humbled. I’m very, very happy. I’m happy. That’s all I can say.”

Aaron Pico and Greg Jackson potential next great fighter/coach partnership!! Leading Pico the Bellator Featherweight Title.

Aaron Pico Bellator 2020

Aaron Pico in the past had trouble getting fights and was forced to fight MMA veterans with a lot more experience than him. However signing with Ali Abdelaziz of Dominance MMA Management will change that, Bouts with fighters now with similar experience and talents to his.

Aaron Pico won’t be handed to the wolves in 2020 unless sky rockets with big wins and fully confident he can fight top Bellator Featherweights.

Successful 2020 season for Aaron Pico is being 3-0 in 2020, Main Card Fights with 1st round knock outs or dominating performances.

Yaroslav Amosov Fight options After Defeating Ed Ruth

Yaroslav Amosov quiet 23-0 fighter being under looked. Amosov at Bellator 239 biggest win of his MMA career defeated Ed Ruth the future Bellator star, Yaroslav Amosov 23-0 26 years old is the dark horse of the Bellator Welterweight division. Few more wins and Amosov is awarded a Welterweight title shot.

Yaroslav Amosov wins over Ed Ruth, Gerald Harris, David Rickels in his Bellator career. Deserves the best of the best Bellator Welterweights has to offer.

Lorenz Larkin

Lorenz Larkin former UFC Top Ten Welterweight struggled in the beginning of his Bellator career but now on a Four Fight winning streak. Larkin is a fighter with name. Amosov vs Larkin Main Card Fight Bellator 2020. Exciting fight to watch.

Andrey Koreshkov

Andrey Koreshkov former Bellator Welterweight Champion 22-4 record top Bellator Welterweight. Battle of the Eastern European Fighters, Ukraine vs Russia. Main Card Fight mma fans would love to watch in 2020.

Michael Page

Fan Friendly Michael “Venom” Page dangerous stand up striker with vicious knock outs 17-1 record. One of the most popular Bellator Fighters!! Interesting to see what Yaroslav Amosov does against Michael “Venom” Page.

Douglas Lima

Douglas Lima Bellator Welterweight Champion, Argument for Lima being the #1 Welterweight in the world. Defeated Rory MacDonald for the Bellator Welterweight Grand Prix. Lima moving up to Middleweight to fight Gegard Mousasi for the Bellator Middleweight Title to become a double champ. Yaroslav Amosov wants to wait several months, He can and fight Douglas Lima next.

Fight Yaroslav Amosov and his team chooses I’ll be watching he’s a incredible all around talent. Potential to become Bellator Welterweight Champion! 2020 season is very exciting for Amosov.

Vasyl Lomachenko 2020 fight season

Vasyl Lomachenko one of the best boxers of all time, Pound for Pound top 5 Boxer right now is 14-1 WBO, WBC, WBA Lightweight Champion defeating every opponent besides Orlando Salido. 2020 is a new year, new challenges for Vasyl Lomachenko whose 32 years old in the prime of his career. What does 2020 look like for Vasyl?

2020 Vasyl Lomachenko

Vasyl Lomachenko star value raising everytime he fights, More fans aware of Vasyl whose on another level when it comes to boxing. Worth every second of watching offense heavy boxing with beautiful boxing combinations and movements.

Love to see Vasyl Lomachenko in 2020 become a STAR, Millions of new fans because of the 2020 Lightweight Title Fights, Interviewed on the Joe Rogan Podcast. Vasyl Lomachenko ESPN + PPV Fight in 2020, Earn generational wealth money!!

Fight two – three times in 2020. Defending his Lightweight Titles.

Vasyl Lomachenko vs Mikey Garcia

Mikey Garcia rumored to fight Vasyl Lomacheko in 2018 and 2019. Mikey Garcia defeated Jessie Vargas, Welterweight Fight on DAZN. Garcia 40-1 drops down to Lightweight(Natural Lightweight) to box Vasyl Lomachenko in the fall of 2020. ESPN + PPV Lightweight Title Fight.

Garcia popularity raising desiring a fight against Manny Pacquiao. After the fight with Manny. Garcia vs Vasyl fall of 2020 should happen. Fight Boxing Fans deserve.

Vasyl Lomachenko vs Teofimo Lopez

Teofimo Lopez rising Boxing Star, 15-0 record at 22 years old KNOCKED OUT Richard Commey in his last fight. Lopez is the IBF Lightweight Champion, ONLY Lightweight title Vasyl Lomachenko doesn’t have the IBF Lightweight Title. Assume Teofimo Lopez vs Vasyl Lomachenko will be in the SPRING of 2020.

Vasyl Lomachenko vs Gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis the next Floyd Mayweather. Floyd’s protege 23-0 record. World Class Lightweight. Davis needs a tough fight, Nothing tougher than Vasyl Lomachenko!!

These three fights make the most sense!! Opponents are top ranked in the Lightweight division.

Regional Fights to Watch March 2020

UFC, Bellator, One Championship has stacked cards in March but in the regional scene there’s regional fights are interesting and intriguing to watch from beginning to end of March!!

Invicta FC: Phoenix Series 3 Lisa Verzosa vs Julija Stoliarenko

Lisa Verzosa 5-0 Bantamweight Prospect 24 years old, Fighting Julija Stoliarenko Eastern European prospect for the Invicta FC Bantamweight Title.

Invicta FC: Phoenix Series 3 March 6th

LFA 83 Co Main Event Fight Dixon vs Patterson

Matt Dixon 24 Years Old 8-0 record, XFN Weltweight Champion. Future UFC Fighter is fighting veteran Justin Patterson in Dallas.

LFA 83 March 6th UFC Fight Pass.

Cage Warriors 112 Jack Cartwright vs Manuel Bilic

Jack Cartwright 7-0 England Bantamweight Prospect is fighting Manuel Bilic Eastern European Bantamweight Bantamweight for the Cage Warriors Bantamweight Title.

Combate 57 Puerta vs Lopez

Juan Puerta Former Titan FC Flyweight Champion signed with Latin America MMA promotion Combate Americas!! Fighting Ivan Lopez. Definitely watching this fight on March 13th.

EFC Worldwide 84 Gorimbo vs Karam

Themba Gorimbo 28 Year Old Welterweight Prospect fighting for the EFC Worldwide Welterweight Championship. Watch Gorimbo fight Lyle Karam 6-0 South Africa Welterweight.

Cage Warriors 113 Pimblett vs Desmae

Paddy Pimblett England Lightweight Prospect 14-3 record fighting Belgium Lightweight Prospect Donovan Desmae. Paddy Pimblett 25 years old former Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion. One day will see Pimblett fight for the UFC or Bellator.

LFA 84 Madrid vs Kasanganay

Main Event Fight Daniel Madrid 17-6 record regional veteran fights Impa Kasanganay. Impa 6-0 fighting for the LFA Middleweight Title, Impa fought on the Dana White Contender Series.

KSW 53 Soldic vs Zaromskis

Roberto Soldic KSW Welterweight Champion 17-3 record, Modern day Mirko Cro Cop. 25 years old. Soldic is one of my favorite fighters not in the UFC, He’s a beast!! Fighting Marius Zaromskis 39 year old Welterweight former Bellator, Dream and Strikeforce fighter.

Combate 58 Madrigal vs Morera

Victor Hugo Madrigal 8-3 Bantamweight Mexican Prospect fighting Andre Barquero Morero 7-2 record 24 years old from Costa Rico. Former CFFC Flyweight Title Challenger.

Brave CF 35 Torres vs Nicolau

Jose Torres 9-1 Flyweight former UFC Fighter 27 years old makes his second Brave Combat Federation appearance vs Matheus Nicolau former UFC Flyweight.

Luis Pena vs Brad Riddell UFC 251 Australia

Luis Pena former Ultimate Fighter 27 contestant 4-2 with the UFC latest win against FEATHERWEIGHT prospect Steve Garcia Jr at UFC Norfolk. Pena grappled his way to a victory but unhappy with his performance. Luis Pena next opponent should be against Brad Riddell, 8-1 Lightweight (2-0 UFC record) trains at City Kickboxing with Israel Adesanya, Alexander Volkanovski and Dan Hooker.

UFC 251 June 6th is in Australia, Near Brad Riddell’s hometown of New Zealand what better way for a 3rd UFC appearance fighting in Australia.

Intriguing fight to watch with Brad Riddell coming from a Kickboxing background and Luis Pena an all around fighter. Both fighters are young Lightweight Prospect.

Deserve a UFC 251 PPV Prelim Fight.

Matt Dixon LFA 83 Dallas Debut

Matt Dixon Oklahoma TOP Welterweight Prospect 8-0 24 years old is making his Legacy Fighting Alliance debut at LFA 83 Dallas Texas fighting regional mma veteran Justin Patterson 11-5 record. Tough but intriguing fight for Matt Dixon fighting on UFC Fight Pass.

Matt Dixon defeats Justin Patterson places Matt Dixon top 5 LFA Welterweight division. Dixon can fight for the LFA Welterweight Title in his second fight for LFA.

In the co-main event of LFA 83, battle-tested veteran Patterson (11-5) will lock horns with top undefeated prospect Dixon (8-0) in the latest iteration of The Red River Showdown between Texas and Oklahoma. Patterson is one the most successful welterweights in the state of Texas, while Dixon has established himself as the top welterweight prospect in the state of Oklahoma. “The Tactician” has spent half his career fighting for Bellator before signing with LFA in late 2018, where he earned a notable win over top prospect Ramiz Brahimaj. Meanwhile, Dixon has decimated the competition in the Sooner State. “Magic” compiled a perfect amateur record before winning all eight of his fights as a professional

LFA 83 is on March 6th!! Excited for this upcoming LFA card watch the whole card on UFC Fight Pass watching the future UFC Fighters such as Matt Dixon!!

Terence Crawford 2020 fight Options

Terence Crawford #1 Welterweight in the world, World Boxing Organization Welterweight Champion is a true artist of Boxing and deserves to be a Boxing Star. 2020 the year where Terence Crawford fights top 5 Welterweights, Boxing Stars to show the world who Terence Crawford is!!

Terence Crawford vs Errol Spence Jr Spring of 2020

Crawford vs Errol Spence Jr is a Welterweight Fight on paper for the ages. Boxing fans deserve this fight!! Errol Spence Jr undefeated, Wins over Kell Brook, Mikey Garcia and Shawn Porter.

Millions of people will watch this fight and both boxers will earn generational wealth type money.

Crawford deserves a fight against Errol Spence Jr, Seeking a challenge against #2 Welterweight. Boxing Match 50/50 Fight.

Terrence Crawford vs Mikey Garcia 2020 Fall

Mikey Garcia boxing Jessie Vargas tonight February 29th. Garcia staying at Welterweight. Mikey Garcia top 10- top 20 Pound for Pound Boxer, Solid name around him. People have respect for him for fighting Errol Spence Jr.

Boxing fans including myself would watch this fight on ESPN!

Terrence Crawford vs Manny Pacquiao

Terrence Crawford fighting Manny Pacquiao is a Money Fight, Earn 10-20 million dollars. Passing of the torch fight. Manny impressively beat Keith Thurman in his last fight, Which can sell. Definitely fight people watch. Crawford acknowledged across the world by dominating Manny Pacquiao.

DESIRE Top Competition for Terence Crawford, No slumps, No tune up fights, Watch a master of Boxing fight top welterweights, Super Welterweights in 2020. Fans start to appreciate how talented Terrence Crawford is!!