Albert Tumenov Free Agent Signs with One Championship?

Albert Tumenov former UFC Fighter was released than signed with ACB(Russian Promotion) for a three fight deal. Extended his contract with ACB. Career with ACB has awarded Tumenov the ACB/ACA Welterweight Title. Tumenov is now a free agent and interested in signing with UFC but instead of UFC love to see Tumenov sign with One Championship.

Tumenov signing with One Championship at 28 years old would be a highlight free agent signing for One Championship as Tumenov is one of the best welterweights in the world.

Tumenov would fit well with One Championship as he can be one of the main attractions for the 2020’s decade and fight the best One Championship Welterweights.

Contributing to creating a stacked One Championship Welterweight division.

Tumenov vs Kiamrian Abbasov (ONE Welterweight Champion)

Tumenov vs James Nakashima (Welterweight Prospect)

Tumenov vs Yushin Okami

Albert Tumenov would be fully capable of winning the One Championship Welterweight Title, Earning six figures and fight on the main events. Being a partner with the PPV Buys. Best decision for Tumenov is sign with One Championship instead of UFC.

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