Sergio Pettis VS Kyoji Horiguchi 2020

Sergio Pettis best decision he’s made in his life was signing with Bellator. 1-0 with Bellator, Be one the Bellator headliners for years to come. Headline Main Event fight fans of MMA love to see is Sergio Pettis vs Kyoji Horiguchi in 2020.

Scott Coker(Bellator Promoter) and Nobuyuki Sakakibara (Rizin Promoter) have a great partnership starting in 2018. Partnership will continue for years to come.

What a fight to watch Sergio Pettis vs Kyoji Horiguchi. Former Top Ten UFC Flyweight, 26 years old.

Kyoji Horiguchi signing with Rizin back in 2015 been on a tear. One of the best Bantamweights on the planet defeating Darrion Caldwell, Ben Ngyuen. Winning the Rizin Bantamweight Grand Prix and the Bellator Bantamweight Title.

Bellator in 2020 definitely should schedule this fight in 2020, Main Event fight in Tokyo and Los Angeles. Bellator/Rizin Partnership.

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