Frankie Edgar & One Championship 2020

Frankie Edgar one fight left on his UFC contract has the opportunity to test free agency and earn millions of dollars because of his legacy as the UFC Lightweight Champion. Frankie Edgar 38 years old has three to four fights left in him and should take advantage of free agency.

”Money talks,” he said Tuesday on the JRE MMA Show. “But honestly, if I’m being straight up, where do I want to finish my career? I do want to finish in the UFC. I got in the UFC (at) 5-0, and pretty much grew up here. It’d be nice to finish, but everything has to make sense.”

One Championship continuing grow their stable of talent and their exposure as a MMA promotion, Frankie Edgar signing with One Championship will build their exposure and the dream matchups that can happen with Frankie. Frankie still is a top 10 Featherweight and top 10 Bantamweight.

Frankie Edgar be the main event for several fights in the Bantamweight division or Featherweight division. Frankie Edgar vs Bibiano Fernandes, Frankie Edgar vs John Lineker, Frankie Edgar vs Christian Lee.

One Championship looking to expand into North America/ United States and One Championship event should be held in Atlantic City. Eddie Alvarez vs Shinya Aoki & Frankie Edgar vs Bibiano Fernandes!

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