James Krause UFC Fighter To Coach

James Krause UFC veteran since 2013 already found his next passion coaching. Head coach and owner of Glory MMA and Fitness, Growing MMA gym in Missouri. Congratulations to James Krause for discovering his passion during his fighting career because professional fighters struggle.

“If you read all the books on success, they say if you want to accomplish all your dreams, you must first help someone else accomplish theirs,” he said. “I’ve been coaching since way before I should have been. I am super passionate about finding young kids who have that hunger like I once did and helping them accomplish their goals. I get much more fulfillment out of that then I do myself. I love being a winning factor in a fight. I love being a part of that journey, that progress. It’s something special to watch somebody come from an amateur, go pro, work their way up and, at some point, get signed by the UFC. It’s a feeling unlike anything else.”


James Krause has a stable of fighters such as Tim Elliot, Grant Dawson future UFC Featherweight champion(2-0 UFC record), Megan Anderson, Rising prospect Jefrrey Molina and David Onama.

Even tho Glory MMA and Fitness is a small gym watch out for being a top 5 MMA gym in the Midwest attracting young hungry midwest straight out of Big Ten Wresting to train and coach with James Krause.

Congratulations to James Krause once again for taking advantage of being a UFC fighter and building a future for himself. Love stories like this!!

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