Aleksa Camur Stipe Miocic Protege UFC 246 Debut

Aleksa Camur trains at Strong Style Fight Team, MMA gym in Illinois. Stipe Miocic the Greatest Heavyweight of All Time trains at the same gym as Aleksa Camur and Stipe told Dana White to sign him at the Dana White contender series. Camur is a Light Heavyweight Prospect with champion potential.

Aleksa Camur 5-0 record at 24 years old usually wouldn’t be fighting for the UFC but because of Stipe persuading Dana, Believing in Stipe’s words.

Fighting Justin Ledet, UFC fighter with a 9-2 record . Two fight losing streak to Johnny Walker and Aleksandar Rakic. Ledet has more experience but Ledet has the advantage in striking by FAR. Multiple time Golden Gloves champion in Ohio.

Hopefully Camur wins and becomes one of the new breed of Light Heavyweights. Excited for the promising career of little Stipe Miocic… Aleksa Camur.

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