Lance Palmer vs Eddie Alvarez 2020 ONE vs PFL

PFL vs One Championship would be a dream of mine to happen with the new trend of Cross Promotions in MMA. Lance Palmer the PFL Featherweight Champion, Two time PFL Featherweight Tournament winner fighting Eddie Alvarez the underground king who fights for One Championship be a fantasy fight.

Palmer vs Alvarez 2020

Lance Palmer won the 2019 PFL Featherweight Title, Dominating his opponents. Top Featherweight not in the UFC would be no slouch for Eddie Alvarez. Alvarez hasn’t won the One Lightweight Title because of injury but will return soon looking to win the Lightweight Title by beating Christian Lee.

Better matchup, Better sell to the fans would be PFL Featherweight Champion Lance Palmer vs ONE Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez.

One Championship wants to expand their brand more to United States and North America. No better fight would be Eddie Alvarez vs Lance Palmer in Eddie Alvarez hometown in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Be a sell out crowd!!

Be a interesting fight to watch, Incredible moment for the sport of MMA, Professional fighters League and One Championship.

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