Manny Bermudez UFC 241 Fights Casey Kenney 5th UFC Appearance

Manny Bermudez , 25 year old UFC Bantamweight Rising Star is appearing in his 5th UFC fight against Casey Kenney. Bermudez take advantage of the opportunity of fighting on the biggest card of the year… UFC 241. Manny Bermudez fighting on the UFC 241 prelims is still a big spotlight, Show his rising star talents to casual fans.

Bermudez in his last two fights Guillotine choked, 9-0 Bantamweight Benito Lopez in the first round and triangle choked, Davey Grant in the first round. Bermudez looking better and better in each fight in the UFC.

Whatever makes it easier for me to get the win is the path I usually take. If I feel like he is a little slow then I can stay standing. If I want to get it to the ground, I’ll take him down. I just try and get the finish,” he explained. “Casey is good a good grappler and good striking but at the end of the day I think he is going to make a mistake and I’ll capitalize on it and submit him.”

Bermudez with a impressive submission win over Casey Kenney will make him a rising star in the Bantamweight Division, Hopefully fighting on a Main Event card on a fight night or a future UFC PPV.

Bermudez signed a new four fight contract after his win against Benito Lopez. Will be seeing a lot more of Manny Bermudez as he climbs up the Bantamweight rankings and will be seeing Manny Bermudez at UFC 241 fighting Casey Kenney!!

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