Gunnar Nelson Perfect Home One Championship

Gunnar Nelson , UFC Welterweight and we’ll known as a teammate of Conor Mcgregor has struggled of late. Unable to get a solid win streak since 2014. Maybe it’s time for a different scenery and heading over to One Championship.

One Championship will be perfect for Gunnar Nelson since he’s more of a grappler Fighter, Looking to control where the fight goes with the least amount of damage.

One Championship and Asia MMA Fans in general appreciate Mix Martial Arts. Won’t boo if a fight goes to the ground. Gunnar Nelson will never have to appease the fans when he can be himself.

Gunnar Nelson can be himself as well by not trash talking, Nelson is the exact opposite of his teammate Conor Mcgregor. No need to trash talk and hype a fight up when it’s all about Honor and Respect.

Hope Gunnar Nelson heads to One Championship, Becomes the Welterweight Champion over there and makes a better living than fighting in the UFC.

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