DC vs Stipe 2 August 17th

Stipe Miocic never got his rematch against Daniel Cormier. DC knocked out Stipe in under a minute in the first round. Thought Stipe would respectfully get a title defense but it never happened until now!! August 17th in Anaheim California there will be a rematch.

“He’s being entitled, why have I fought since and he hasn’t,” Cormier said of Miocic. “He lost the fight is he still the champ? Bloody Elbow

“It’s the fight I want,” he said. “I think everyone wants to fight Brock. We all want to fight Brock.”

He added: “Dana get on the phone right now. If you haven’t called him yet, do it today! What are you waiting for? Get this s–t on the books. Let’s get this on the books!”

DC was supposed to fight Brock Lesnar but that fight isn’t happening in 2019. DC wanted that fight so badly because it can set him up for generational wealth. Stipe vs DC 2 can set him up for generational wealth if promoted correctly.


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