What’s next for Jack Hermansson ?

Jack Hermansson coming off two excellent wins against David Branch and Jacare Souza. Hermansson making a name for himself against top ten, World class middleweights. Hermansson having his first main event fight against Souza. Hermansson wasn’t even supposed to be the main event it was Yoel Romero vs Souza.

“The report states that Romero has come down with a bout of pneumonia in recent weeks which has left him unable to compete in the fight which was scheduled for just over three weeks’ time. It is not yet known if the UFC will attempt to find a replacement for Romero, or seek to rebook the match at a later date.https://themaclife.com/featured-posts/yoel-romero-contracts-pneumonia-ufc-fort-lauderdale-main-event-jacare-souza-report/

Hermansson took advantage of the opportunity and now in the running to be a contender. Hermansson probably needs one more fight to get that title fight and maybe against Yoel Romero. Two grapplers going at it. Definitely a fun fight to watch.

The other option is Hermansson vs Kelvin Gastelum. Kelvin coming off a loss but had a five round war. Kelvin is a top 5 middleweight and it will be great to see him face Hermansson. Hermansson facing Kelvin will be a huge test for him,

I don’t see any other options besides those two. Makes no sense to fight anyone else that’s a lower ranking.

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