Watchout for Kevin Lee “Motown Phenom”

Kevin Lee moving up to welterweight to face Rafael Dos Anjos. Lee used to be a lightweight but the cut was HORRIBLE FOR HIM.

“The weight cut, was what it was. I wasn’t going to let down the whole show, let down everybody. I was going to make weight, even if I had to cut my foot off or something,” he said. “It damn near killed me, but I had to do what I had to do. I got job to do. I’m a professional. I would come out here no matter how bad it hurts. I felt like I put my best performance on tonight, but by the third round it was just too much for me.” SB Nation

Kevin Lee is a beast, One of the best young fighters in the UFC today. Lee already competed for a UFC Title and headlined 4 main events. Lee at welterweight is very fascinating, Lee is a new addition to the welterweight division, Giving Usman, Covington, Woodley, Askren a lot of trouble.

Possible for Kevin Lee to become the UFC Welterweight champion of the world. Lee can go on a complete tear first by beating Rafael Dos Anjos and other top 5-10 welterweights. Lee is an all around fighter and has so much potential. Kevin Lee can be one of the stars of the UFC and it may start now!

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