Post Fight Thoughts Arnold Allen’s Loss to Holloway

Kansas City Main Event Max Holloway vs Arnold Allen was great as advertised, high technical five round fight. Max Holloway came out viictorious showing why he’s in conversation as the greatest featherweight of all time.

Arnold Allen lost but held his own for five rounds facing high caliber opponent never faced before. Losses are always hard, but this fight will be great learning experience for Allen, Firas Zahabi and his team.

British Featherweight stock risen post-fight with Max Holloway, earning a lot of fighters, fans and Dana White respect for standing toe to toe with Max Holloway for five rounds.

“I think that Allen looked incredible,” White told reporters, including MMA Junkie, during the UFC on ESPN 44 post-event news conference. “I mean, if you think about it, it’s his first big night ever in a main event, whole crowd’s against him, and he came on too late.

Breaking down his fight he will recognize the mistakes straight away, what are the mistakes he made? Fix those mistakes and next fight Arnold Allen will show his featherweight champion potential. One day Arnold Allen will be a champion.

Wrong Fighting Strategy

Firas Zahabi without a doubt one of the best coaches in the world. Brilliant MMA mind but didn’t have the best strategy for Allen to defeat Max Holloway.

Final round where he pressed forward against Max Holloway, landed strong strikes that caught him few times. Pressing forward, fighting at high pace is best way to defeat Holloway.

Winning strategy would utilize his strong wrestling ability center of the ring and while clinching towards fence. Attempting takedowns each round, controlling Max Holloway on the ground hitting him with punches and sharp elbows to the face. In addition, pressing forward first second of each round till the last.

Surprised Arnold Allen didn’t attempt to takedown Max Holloway at least once or twice because he has great wrestling for a fighter without wrestling background.

Arnold Allen Next Fight? Brian Ortega

Returning back to win column is what Arnold Allen needs to gain his confidence back. Strong win against top opponent.

Suggestion is multiple time UFC featherweight title challenger Brian Ortega. Test matchup for Arnold Allen to see the minor adjustments and improvements made since Max Holloway fight.

Trying out his wrestling, grappling ability against Gracie lineage Black Belt who almost submitted Volkanovski twice. Slight advantage in striking department goes to Arnold Allen.

Arnold Allen vs Brian Ortega would be interesting fight on paper, headlining UFC Fight Night if UFC desperately needs a headliner or wants to invest more into Arnold Allen’s name. Next time slot option fighting on main card of UFC PPV such as London fighting under Leon Edwards vs Colby Covington.

Cheering for Arnold Allen

Loss against Max Holloway shown he can hang with one of the pound for pound best fighters in the world. First time in his career he fought a fighter up to Max’s level. Made some mistakes but no doubt in my mind he’ll make those adjustments in camp or weekly training.

Fight against Max Holloway didn’t look like a featherweight champion but who really does against Max Holloway? He’s a really hard matchup for any featherweight. However through out the fight Arnold Allen did some nice moves just step behind getting into gear.

Caught my attention in 2019 researching upcoming UFC prospects and one of them was Arnold Allen. Watching his full fights and recognizing his championship potential right away. Direct messaged him on Instagram complimenting his skills and potential in 2020 I believe post Nik Lentz win, Arnold Allen is a really nice guy happy for his rise as it’s been long journey.

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