Rest of October’s MMA Prospects to Watch

Obsession last few years with discovering future champions. Next group of UFC signings.

Fighters all over the world from the hard parts of Russia, Favela’s of Brazil, Tough working class areas of United States looking to make there dreams a reality with becoming UFC fighter.

Missed writing about fighters like Dominique Wooding, Well noted beforehand.

Robert Ruchala KSW 75

Rising KSW Featherweight making himself known defeating two undefeated Featherweight prospects with 7-0 records.

First ever Main Event opportunity facing European MMA veteran Damian Stasiak. Predict dominant performance as Ruchala’s name continues to build.

Winning against Stasiak makes Ruchala closer to KSW Featherweight title shot against Salahdine Parnasse. (KSW Featherweight Champion)

The Polish man with nasty submission game off his guard, Slick surprising chokes. Heavy submission focused, Grinding opponents against the cage.

  • 7-0 record
  • 24 years old
  • 9 fight winning streak
  • Contending for KSW Featherweight title

Gamzat Magomedov Brave CF 65

Russian born and breed traveled over to KHK MMA Team (Bahrain Gym) training with killers and brilliant MMA minds helped him get way better over the years.

Back to back standout wins against Mochamed Machaev and Borislav Nikolic. Wins in the right direction as Machaev is top European Bantamweight prospect.

Upcoming matchup against Brad Katona Brave CF Bantamweight Champion is the biggest test for the Russian fighter. Intriguing Bantamweight matchup “flying under the radar. “

Gamzat considered underdog but definitely can defeat SBG Ireland fighter. Beating Brad by using his combat sambo fighting style. Pressuring Katona nonstop, Shooting takedowns repeatedly. Gamzat has this crazy gas tank.

  • 7-1 record
  • 27 years old
  • 5 fight winning streak

Tae Kyun Kim Brave CF 64

#1 South Korean Featherweight prospect, Fighting for the vacated Brave CF Featherweight Champion against Roman Bogatov.

South Korean prospect compiled record of 9-0. Defeating fighters Erick Da Silva (former Ultimate Fighter), Husein Kadimagomaev before losing to Kim was undefeated 6-0.

Winning Brave CF title such accomplishment for regional fighter, More than likely UFC will sign you. Kim training hard for this fight defeating former UFC fighter and M1 Champion.

Fast Pace standup striking fighting style with volume punches can lead to knockout over Bogatov. Fury of punches that Roman gets overwhelmed and one of those punches clips him.

Addition to his nasty clinch game against the cage can murder Bogatov as well.

Major win against Roman Bogatov will definitely lead to Kim in 2022 signing with UFC.

  • 9-0 record
  • 28 years old
  • 4-0 Brave cf record
  • Defeated former Ultimate Fighter

Alessandro Costa Lux Fight League 27

Won split decision on the Dana White Contender Series against Andres Luna Martinetti. High level flyweight fight that I highly recommend watching.

Unfortunately didn’t get signed. Contender Series Season 10 over but Costa with “Impressive” Lux Fight League performance can lead to UFC contract.

#1 Latin American Flyweight defending his LFL Flyweight Title for third time.

  • Powerful punches
  • Nasty Submission Game
  • Stocky Compacted Flyweight
  • Crazy strength for shorter man, Explosiveness

Costa easily can right away make impact in the UFC. All the tools in the toolshed to become World Class flyweight!!

  • 11-2 record
  • 26 years old
  • 6 fight winning streak including win on Contender Series
  • Lux Fight League Flyweight Champion

Azamat Kerefov UAE Warriors 34

ACA Flyweight Champion tested free agency and signed with UAE Warriors. Pursuing the Flyweight title but first make his UAE Warriors debut. Facing Brazilian Felipe Pereira.

Pereira has his hands full as Kerefov is a Russian assassin. Dominated Russian opponents with unanimous wins.

Fighting attributes

  • Combat Sambo fighting style
  • raw strength
  • Pressuring fighters forward
  • Losing takedowns but great sprawls
  • Low leg kicks
  • Five round cardio
  • Ability to fight as the nail instead of the hammer

Fight Matrix considers Kerefov #8th Flyweight in the world, Meaning this man can defeat UFC flyweights right now

Main goal now is deating top Brave CF Flyweights & former UFC fighters Jose Torres and Zach Makovsky. Putting his name on the global map, Fighting for UFC Fight Pass promotion. Potentially signs the UFC contract.

  • 31 years old
  • 15-0 record
  • ACA Flyweight Champion
  • #8th ranked Flyweight on Fight Matrix

Martun Mezhlumyan UAE Warriors 34

Armenian Lightweight prospect continuing to improve and get better within each fight.

Earned himself EAGLES Lightweight Title by defeating respected Moldovan prospect Valeriu Mircea.

13-3 record headlining first UAE Warriors event. Congratulations to Martun for putting the work in.

Three round battle with Islam Mamedov, Giving at least Mamedov trouble throughout the rounds. Highly recommend watching this fight.

  • Fights a lot like the Dagestan standup fighters with the nasty striking ability mixing up with quick takedowns!
  • Fighting at a fast pace, a lot of action
  • 29 years old, Armenian 13-3 record

Hamza Kooheji Brave CF 65

Bahraini superstar and Brave CF star was close to becoming Bahrain’s first MMA Champion but sadly loss in split decision to Brad Katona at Brave CF 57. Returning from loss desiring second chance with this win.

Headlining fight against Colombian Eduardo Mora. Fighting in front of his Bahraini fans as the crowd will be roaring for him. Brave Combat Federation is owned by Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa (Member of Bahrain Royal Family). They’ll do what’s necessary to make Hamza Kooheji Brave CF Bantamweight Champion.

  • Tough gritty fighter doesn’t wow you with athletic ability but technically improving
  • High Motor
  • Focused boxer

Training at KHK Top Team with Khabib’s team he’ll continue to get better and challenge Brad Katona or Gamzat Magomedov for the Bantamweight Title.

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