England’s Top Five MMA Prospects 2022

England rebirth of MMA talent is back bunch of killers. Potential champions Leon Edwards, Arnold Allen, Darren Till, Tom Aspinall, Michael “Venom” Page, Fabian Edwards, Brendan Loughnane.

Rising Prospects like Nathaniel Wood, Aiden Lee and Jake Hadley.

1. Jordan Vucenic

Top Five Featherweight prospect in the world, Current Cage Warriors Featherweight prospect is a fighter I’m always monitoring.

Jordan Vucenic became more well known with his amazing fights against Morgan Charriere and Paul Hughes.

Vucenic is a scrappy fighter, Fighting characteristics of Darren Till. Similar stand up fighting style, Picks his shots. Uses the cage well for wrestling.

Fight against Morgan Charriere, Vucenic got taken down several times but prevented Charriere from controlling on the ground for minutes on end.

First title defense was a second round submission win against James Hendin.

Expect Vucenic to sign with UFC in 2022.

  • Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion
  • Good wrestler pressing forward against cage
  • Good job fighting inside the pocket
  • Picking his shots
  • Five round cardio
  • Jiu-Jitsu defense

2. George Hardwick

#1 England Lightweight prospect is fighting for the Cage Warriors Lightweight Title against the next group of American Kickboxing Academy Fighters, Kyle Driscoll.

Riding high lately on a 5 fight winning streak defeating fighters like Dean Trueman.

  • Hardwick is a slick crafty boxer keeps the fight standing, Nasty straight jab, Upper cuts.
  • Good job fighting inside the pocket,
  • NEEDS to work on his wrestling defense if he wants to defeat top notch wrestlers
  • Love to see more low leg kicks

Hardwick defeats Kyle Driscoll former Oklahoma State Wrestler and with 13-3 record. Defends Lightweight title few times, UFC definitely will be calling.

3. Jack Cartwright

#1 England Bantamweight Prospect, Two time defending Cage Warriors Bantamweight Champion is close to signing with UFC with a fighting dropping out.

UFC needs a prelim prospect, they’ll call Jack Cartwright.

Cage Warriors champion biggest win is against Netherlands top prospect Gerardo Fanny.

Cartwright all-around Bantamweight talent has some quick jabs, Gritty England offensive wrestling and top mount Jiu-Jitsu leading to submissions.

  • Just needs to upgrade his footwork and more movement circling around the ring
  • Defensive wrestling must drill over and over
  • Build more muscle he can add more power and become better fighter

4. Justin Burlinson

#1 UK Welterweight prospect had some experience fighting for Bellator twice.

Upcoming Cage Warriors 140 fight is against savage Rhys McKee. Tough test for Burlinson but with a win becomes the Cage Warriors Welterweight Champion.

Fight or two away signing with UFC or Dana White Contender Series.

Burlinson last fight against Daniel Skibiński was an impressive stand up striking performance, Pressuring Skibinski against the cage. Several punch combinations, Smooth boxing.

Came long way remember watching his Bellator fights.

  • Potential- Sean Strickland
  • Work on Head Movement, Defensive grappling, Stuffing takedowns
  • Add Muay Thai Clinch game

Love to see Burlinson defend his Welterweight title few times, Fine tune his skills

5. Christian Leroy Duncan

Cage Warriors Middleweight Champion, #1 England Middleweight Prospect.

Won the title against Djati Milan, Middleweight prospect I have bunch of respect for.

Duncan been a big time England MMA prospect since his Amateur days fighting on the IMMAF European Championship stage against the best European Amateur fighters.

All the Amateur success paying off now.

Undefeated 6-0 record wins against Djati Melan, Will Currie twice.

  • Moves so well for sizeable Middleweight
  • All-Around Leg Kick Game
  • Fast movement
  • Fast hands inside the pocket
  • Uses a taekwondo fighting style sometimes

Love to see Christian Leroy Duncan become MORE AGRESSIVE striker he’ll become real problem. Feel like he waits too long to strike, Take advantage of his fast hands and power.

Missed the cut- Harry Hardwick watch out for in 2022 younger brother of George Hardwick is one talented fighter. Extremely impressed!!

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