PFL 4 Fun Card to Watch on Friday Night

Respect Professional Fighters League for continuing to put on shows and finding their own lane. More especially give the fighters more options.

Congrats to promoter Ray Sefo and CEO Peter Murray.

Bunch of good quality fighters to watch. Clay Collard, Raush Manfio and Natan Schulte are some of the best fighters on this card.

Clay Collard PFL Headliner

Clay Collard gradually becoming one of the biggest names in the PFL. Pulling off the upset against Anthony Pettis and old school UFC vet Jeremy Stephens.

Top Lightweight not fighting for UFC but found a home with PFL. Now headlining his third PFL event against the solid all-around fighter for Alex Martinez.

“We’re hoping to put him away,” Collard said. “We needs some points for the tournament and a spot in the playoffs. I’m gonna be putting some shots on him and hopefully he doesn’t stand up to them.”

Collard’s boxing ability and KO power will be too much for Martinez. Might lead to early knockout.

Raush Manfio Puncher vs Grappler

Raush Manfio 2021 PFL Lightweight Champion, Aiming for the 2022 Lightweight title. Earning the respect as one of the best Lightweights in the world but Clay Collard has something to say about it.

Manfio however defeated Collard in 2021 long with defeating Anthony Pettis.

First PFL fight in 2022 knocked out former UFC fighter Don Madge in the first round.

Upcoming fight is against Olivier Aubin Mercier the tough heavy grappler fighter with 5 year UFC career wins against Drew Dober, and Anthony Rocco Martin.

Manfio can prevent Mercier’s takedowns than Manfio wins. However Mercier is a real good wrestler for MMA fighter.

“I’m super-confident for this fight.” “Olivier I think is the worst guy they could have scheduled for me, [because of] his style,” he stated. “I had a really good camp, but tough training, because I really needed to train with better wrestlers than me.”

Schulte vs Held Grappler vs Grappler

Grappler vs Grappler will be such an interesting fight to watch. Schulte is a fighter I respect and always pay attention too. Two time PFL Lightweight winner only has two losses.

One of the two losses is against Marcin Held (Former Bellator Champion and UFC fighter) easily one of the best Jiu-Jitsu players on the PFL roster.

Schulte continues to improve his striking since loss to Held training hard down at American Top Team. The striking advantage can lead to Schulte defeating a real good fighter.

“He’s a very tough opponent,” Schulte said, “and last time I saw how much he has evolved in his boxing, but I’ll impose my striking and grappling, things I didn’t use last time. Even though he’s a good opponent with good jiu-jitsu, I’ll bet on my grappling and be more aggressive now.”

On the other hand, Held is a world class Jiu-Jitsu artist, One takedown away from submitting Schulte.

Schulte vs Held is a fight not many people talking about this fight, but I’ll be watching.

Marthin Hamlet vs Josh Silveira Interesting Fight

Light Heavyweight Battle between two Light Heavyweights under 30 years old.

Norwegian Light Heavyweight is on a win/loss streak in his PFL career. Big wins against Dan Spohn & Cezar Ferreira. Hamlet still finding his own fighting style, Sharpening up his skills but he’s a solid fighter but to take that next jump MUST take advantage of these athletic prime years.

Former Norwegian Greco Roman wrestler has the wrestler’s mindset of work ethic and translating his wrestling success into the ring. Controlling the fight on the ground, the pace but mixing up with simple but effective striking.

Hamlet is an animal, Dominated Dan Spohn with his wrestling ability for three rounds. Pounding Spohn on the ground for three rounds.

Take advantage of his strength but must pace himself against Josh as he’s a former ASU PAC Ten 197-pound title winner.

Josh Silveira

Son of Conan Silveira (American Top Team Coach) was the former LFA Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Champion, Top five Light Heavyweight before signing with Professional Fighters League.

Josh Silveria PFL debut will be tonight as he’ll look to submit Hamlet as he’s submitted 5 out of 8 opponents and stuff takedowns.

“I’m undefeated, and that’s a good perk on my side. So, let’s try to maintain that and go finish this fight. Put the pressure and the way I fight; I get finishes.” Josh Silveira

Training with killers everywhere you look, Impossible to not find sparring partners. In addition to learning from his amazing father and Mike Brown Head Coach American Top Team. Legit Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu background learning from his father and the Gracie Family.

“I’ve trained with a bunch of guys in the UFC. American Top Team, if you want no false sense of confidence, man, you come here because here it’s a reality check, you know? I think for a fighter, that’s one of the best things a fighter can work on. You know, don’t give yourself a false sense of confidence, and over here, there’s none of that.” Josh Silveira

  • 29 years old
  • Trains at American Top Team
  • Making PFL debut
  • 9-0 record
  • 2016 Big Ten 197-pound title
  • Arizona State Wrestler
  • Comparison- Ryan Bader

Before staying put at American Top Team trained with Ryan Bader at Power MMA Team. Both alumni of Arizona State University wrestling program. Josh definitely reminds me of Ryan Bader, Will see as time comes.

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