KSW 70 Fight to Watch is Damian Piwowarczyk vs Bartosz Letko

KSW 70 doesn’t blow your head back with big time prospects but there’s a fun fight to watch.

Damian Piwowarczyk rising Polish Light Heavyweight, Undefeated record of 5-0 with TWO first round SUBMISSION wins.

Unheard of right now but if KSW gradually builds the 24 year old he can make a run for a Light Heavyweight Title shot in 2022.


  • Athleticism
  • Lateral quickness
  • Understands how to use his long reach and size to his advantage
  • Grappling especially his Jiu-Jitsu BEST SKILL

Bartosz Letko making his KSW debut after a 2-1 career with ACA defeating 22-6 Rene Pessoa and Ibragim Magomedov.

One of the “Better” Light Heavyweight prospects definitely is a good signing for KSW. Adding depth to the Light Heavyweight division.

Winner of this fight should face the winner of Ivan Erslan vs Rafał Kijańczuk.

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