ACA 139 Fighters to Watch

ACA always has potential UFC, Bellator, One Championship Fighters. ACA 139 is another card to watch beginning to end.

Eduard Vartanyan vs Alain Ilunga

Two of the best Lightweight prospects in the world.

Eduard Vartanyan is on a five fight winning streak, Biggest wins against Alexander Shabiliy (Top Ten Bellator Lightweight) Amirkhan Adaev, Magomedrasul Khasbulaev.

Fighting Style- Pressure forward against the cage, Low leg kicks, Brawling with punches.

Skills- Ability to jab while moving backwards, Controlling the pace. Good Jiu-Jitsu defense off his back . Solid Ground & Pound.

Alain Ilunga Extreme Fighting Championship Lightweight Champion (#1 Africa Promotion) won the EFC title in his last fight against Anicet Kanyeba (13-9).

Title fight was a five round technical fight, Showed his conditioning to fight for five rounds. The will to win.

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Good clinch game with combination of knees and strikes
  • Strong ability to go from Boxing to takedowns
  • Weaknesses
  • Needs to work on his striking defense
  • Become a creative striker

Vazha Tsiptauri

Belarus Bantamweight prospect is only 24 years of age. Promising career ahead of him.

Ranked as Top Five Eastern Europe Bantamweight fighter for a very good reason.

The talent in his fights speak for itself, Appreciate his pressure wrestling fighting style.

Upcoming ACA 139 fight is against former ACA Bantamweight Champion Daniel Oliveira 28-9-1 record.

Tspitauri with the 11-2 record can truly test himself against a high caliber fighter. See if he’s up to par with the best Bantamweights or NEEDS more time with ACA.


  • Wrestling Ability by far his best
  • Ability to have creative strikes from round house kicks to counter strikes
  • Timing for takedowns and controlling on the ground
  • Defending takedowns
  • Pankration Fighting Style


  • Needs focus on his boxing ability, Pin Point jabs and hooks. Multiple punch combinations.
  • Keeping the distance
  • Afraid to take chances on the feet pushing opponent backwards
  • Striking defense
  • Increasing Fighter IQ

Ayk Kazaryan

Since his Open FC 4 Fight I recognized his UFC, Bellator potential talents right away. This Armenian fighter may have a promising future in the horizon.

Appreciate his skillful talents and fighting style. Now he can fight for Absolute Championship Akhmat one of the best MMA promotions.

Second fight on the ACA 136 prelims.

Overlooked Bantamweight prospect can build his prospect name in 2022 and fight for one of the best promotions.


  • Beautiful display of offensive movement striking
  • Unexpected creatives strikes such as round house kicks center of the ring
  • Quick feet
  • Keeping the pace three rounds
  • Mental toughnes
  • Wrestling sprawls


  • Scared to throw combinations
  • Conditioning/ Cardio seen him getting gassed in third round

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