Askarov vs Kai Kara France Clash of Flyweight Best

Most intriguing fight on the UFC Columbus Card is Askar Askarov vs Kai Kara France clash of world class flyweights.

Askar Askarov Undefeated 14-0 record coming off win against Joseph Benavidez vs Kai Kara France biggest win of his career.

Will be watching a fast pace high level fight for three rounds. Askarov with the Dagestani grappling advantage, Ground game, Jiu Jitsu while France has some pop in his hands for a flyweight and little faster than Askarov.

Me personally I have no clue who wins this fight but will watching this fight on ESPN + a million times as it’s MMA fighting at it’s finest.

Title contender fight winner up next for the title shot as it will be a new change of scenery. Doubt they’ll do Moreno vs Figueiredo 5 after the fourth one.

Askarov believes up next after his “Win” against France.

“I’ve been fighting with the better guys in this division, so it’s nothing new for me. I’m just going to go and do my thing. I can finish the fight. I can see that I can finish him.” Askar Askarov

Stand out win against Cody Garbrandt really helped France, Giving him that push he needed. Knocking out Cody in the first round.

“I want the best version of Askar Askarov and I want him to strike with me. I want him to try to get me down. I want him to try to hold me down. And when I neutralize that and get back to my feet and put my hands on him, find the targets and eventually find my shot, there’s not many guys in front of me after that.”

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