Europe’s Top MMA Prospects 2022

Prospects listed WILL most likely sign with UFC and Bellator in 2022 as they’ll look to make there rosters younger and cheaper.

Europe had some talented fighters to become champions or world class fighters like Michael Bisping, Conor McGregor, Allistair Overeem, Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

Whose the next great fighters to come out of Europe in 2022, Time to see.

Salahdine Parnasse

The French Featherweight King, #1 Featherweight prospect is one of the best fighters in Europe. Star attraction for KSW the #1 Premier MMA Promotion.

Salahdine Parnasse is the current KSW Featherweight Champion and a world class fighter.

Wouldn’t be surprised if Parnasse gets signed by the UFC in 2022 as UFC wants to expand to France who recently legalized MMA.

Believe this man can be a title contender in a few years if Parnasse decided to sign with UFC right now.

Reminds me of Calvin Kattar, Arnold Allen as Parnasse is such a crafty all-around featherweight.

Fan of Parnasse since I became a hardcore fan three years and love watching his fights especially against Ivan Buchinger one of the best Featherweight fighters in Europe.

Parnasse absolutely demolished Buchinger, Hands down his best win.

Time to sign with UFC in 2022, Hopefully Parnasse management and UFC matchmakers Shelby and Maynard find the right proper deal or Parnasse will remain on the KSW roster.

Roberto Soldic

Outside of the UFC/Bellator “Robocop” Roberto Soldic is one of the best welterweights in the world. KSW Welterweight and Middleweight Champion defeating one of the best fighters to NEVER enter UFC is Mamed Khalidov.

Soldic accomplished everything for KSW, Time to sign with UFC if the price is right. Soldic however does sign with UFC all of the hardcore fans are extremely excited for the debut.

Doesn’t sign with UFC in 2022 we still can watch Soldic vs Shamil Musaev, Soldic vs Ion Surdu.

Nothing less to prove for the Croatian as he showed how talented this. Reminds me of Michael Bisping in my opinion.

Mike Figlak

Future Cage Warriors Lightweight Champion in 2022 was a rising prospect in 2021 but in 2022 will become one of the best prospects in 2022.

Genuinely excited for his year, Picture seeing big time KO’s against tough fighters.

Defeated two good fighters in Steve McIntosh, Kieran Lister. Controlling the fight pace and action, Job well done in both fights.

Fought three times in 2021, Love to see the same route in 2022. Main Card, Main Event Cage Warriors fights Agy Sardari former Cage Warriors Lightweight Champion,

Figlak 7-0 record. Still young in his game. Doesn’t have to get signed in the UFC in 2022 but love to see him fight more in 2022.

Francesco Nuzzi

Marvin Vettori, Alessio Sakara, are two of the best fighters to come out of Italy. Francesco Nuzzi will become the next Italian MMA fighter to sign with UFC.

Fighting in the Bantamweight class, Winning the Italian Cage Fighting Bantamweight Title and now looking to win a Brave CF Bantamweight title after defeating very good fighter Bernardo Sopai.

Nuzzi vs Sopai back and forth fast pace fight. Sopai is a big time prospect coming out All-Stars Gym.

Only 25 years old close to Brave CF Title Shot, Facing a former Ultimate Fighter contestant Brad Katona to get the title shot. Former CFFC Bantamweight Champion Alexander Keshtov.

Nuzzi one talented Bantamweight prospect a lot of potential to be in that top 15 of UFC Bantamweights, top 10 Bantamweight position with Bellator.

Jordan Vucenic

England’s best MMA prospect in 2022, Coming off two HUGE back to back wins against Paul Hughes & Cage Warriors superstar Morgan Charriere.

Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion defending his Featherweight title against Paul Hughes at Cage Warriors 134.

Vucenic possibly can sign with UFC if he defeats Paul Hughes again but definitely has to be a butt whooping or a knockout to catch the eye of Sean Shelby or Mick Maynard.

Vucenic reminds me of Murilo Rua, André Fialho because of the body size and fighting style.

William Gomis

Part of the first generation of French MMA prospects, William Gomis defeated Swedish top prospect Tobias Harilia at Cage Warriors 125 that gained my respect.

Gomis right up there with Salahdine Parnasse as the best prospects coming out of France.

Training right now at Atch Academy the fastest rising gym in France, Sparring partners with Salahdine Parnasse, Fabacary Diatta all with similar fighting styles and skills.

Fought for Cage Warriors than bounced over to Hexagone MMA. No clue where he’s fighting next hopefully a popular regional promotion like Cage Warriors, KSW, Brave CF, UAE Warriors, Oktagon MMA.

Winning a Lightweight title somewhere and getting signed by UFC or Bellator whoever is the highest bidder.

Sebastian Przybysz

Dethroned the KSW Bantamweight Champion Antun Racic than defeated top Brazilian Bantamweight prospect Bruno Santos in a rear-naked choke at KSW 64.

Sebastian easily one of the best Bantamweight prospects in the world, Fighting for the Polish promotion KSW.

Reminds me of Dominick Cruz, Nathaniel Wood, Gilbert Melendez because of the way he slices his opponents, Uses his range. The movement is similar to them.

KSW Bantamweight Division isn’t that stacked compared KSW Welterweight and Middleweight Divisions.

Fighters love challenges, Time to test himself against UFC, Bellator, One Championship Bantamweight see who he’s really made of.

He’s super talented came a long way since his loss to Racic back at KSW 46. Congratulations to him and I’m looking forward to his best decision in 2022.

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