Third Week of December MMA Prospects to Watch 2021

Kevin Cordero Copa Combate

New fan of this Spanish Bantamweight prospect, Kevin Cordero fighting in the Copa Combate Bantamweight Tournament.

Becoming noticed with the big win against former Bellator fighter and CFFC Bantamweight Champion Ricky Bandejas.

My favorite to win Copa Combate and make a huge name for himself. Winning a Copa Combate title is a huge accomplishment that can attract the TOP 3 promotions from signing Cordero.

“I have trained very hard, I am going to put up some good fights,” the Black Lion Team fighter told ABC. Cordero has had almost two months to prepare for the tournament and, although a priori it does not seem like a long time, he is very confident of winning the Combat Cup. “All rivals are dangerous, but I think it will come out,” he assures.
  • 22 years old
  • 12-2 record
  • AFL Flyweight Champion
  • Madness Bantamweight Champion

Salahdine Parnasse KSW 65

The French version of AJ McKee is looking to regain his KSW Featherweight title against the Featherweight Champion Daniel Torres at KSW 65.

Since I’ve been watching MMA religiously for a few years Parnasse has always been on my radar. Wishing he signs with UFC or Bellator to show the world his AMAZING talents.

Dominated a very respected M1 Champion Ivan Buchinger at KSW 52. Icing on the cake to show the massive potential this kid has.

Only 24 years old I hope signs with UFC or Bellator in 2022.

I can write about Parnasse for five pages but highly recommend watching his KSW Full Fights on Youtube and take a look.

Dilano Taylor Titan FC 73

Sanford MMA prospect. Titan FC Welterweight Champion is defending his title against Marcus Edwards (13-5 Regional Veteran).

Defending his title for the first time at Titan FC 73 and winning in dramatic fashion can be good enough to get a short notice fight on a UFC card.

  • 6-1 record
  • 24 years old
  • Titan FC welterweight champion
  • Training partners with Jason Jackson and Aung La Nsang

Phumi Nkuta CFFC 104

Current CFFC Flyweight Champion, Back to back dominant wins.

Dominated his way to 4th round KO win against Miguel Diaz, Defeated Alberto Trujillo ( Prospect out of Alliance MMA trains with Dominick Cruz).

Reminds me of Aljamain Sterling, Phumi Nkuta’s training partner at Serra Longo.

  • 4-0 record
  • 26 years old
  • CFFC Flyweight Champion

Miles Lee

Former Pennsylvania High School Wrestler, PA wrestler of the month with only three years of wrestling experience. Show’s his work ethic and gifted athleticism.

Miles Lee is 2-0 right now both under the CFFC promotion.

Training at Renzo Gracie Philly and is only getting better.

  • 24 years old
  • 2-0 years old
  • 5th Place in PA Wrestling Tournament

Islam Omarov

One of the most talented and fast rising Russian Prospects in 2021 is fighting at ACA 134.

Straight out of the savage city of Dagestan is a undefeated Featherweight prospect fighting at a high level right now.

Omarov reminds me of Michael Chandler, Eddie Alvarez, Chad Mendes.

Future ACA Featherweight Champion before ever signing with UFC or Bellator.

Appreciate his combat sambo pressure fighting style.

Kirill Kornilov and Alexander Maslov RCC 10

UFC and Bellator is desperate for young talented Heavyweights . Both Kornilov and Maslov should get signed by a top promotion right now.

Kornilov is a Russian kickboxer with first round KO power that you’d love to see from a Heavyweight.

Undefeated Heavyweight in the prime of his career at 30 years old. Built like Hercules.

Comparison-Junior Dos Santos

Alexander Maslov the more athletic out of the two is one of the best Russian Heavyweight prospects.

Won the Open FC Heavyweight Tournament defeating some tough Heavyweights and a former UFC Heavyweight Luis Henrique. Figured after the tournament he’d be signed right now by UFC or Bellator.

8-1 record at 28 years old.

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