ACA 127 Featherweight Showdown

Absolute Championship Akhmat is the #1 Russian MMA Prospect, Future UFC fighters, Future Bellator fighters facing the best Eastern Europe prospects in the world.

ACA 127 is a GREAT card but there’s one fight I’m really looking forward to watching…

Andrey Goncharov vs Apti Bimarzaev is a ACA Featherweight showdown Top Five Featherweight matchup.

Apti Bimarzaev

Easily one of my favorite MMA Featherweight prospects. Number one Belarus prospect, He’s a world class fighter and can fight in the UFC, PFL, One Championship or Bellator right now.

Wins over Luis Palomino( Fought Justin Gaethje WSOF) #6 ACA Featherweight Tural Ragimov. Riding high 13 fight winning streak and now close to challenging the ACA Featherweight title.

Sambo fighting style, Easy avoiding shots but needs to be careful when fighting for a MAJOR 4 promotion where he’ll get hit hard.

However he’s a world class fighter and will give many fighters problems because of his grappling ability, Defensive striking. Pressuring the center of the ring.

Andrey Goncharov

Gradually rising up the Russian ranks now an upcoming Featherweight prospect. Riding high on a five fight winning streak. Knocking out opponents or putting on dominant impressive performances.

Force to be reckoned with in the next generation of Russian MMA.

Goncharov vs Apti Bimarzaev will be a ACA Featherweight classic and I can’t watch to watch this fight!!

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