Terrance McKinney & Askar Askar LFA 109 Prospects to Watch

Terrance McKinney headlining the LFA 109 event facing Michael Irizarry Ortiz Puerto Rican Lightweight prospect. Michael Irizarry Ortiz is in for a rude awakening as Terrance McKinney is red hot right now with two back to back 1st round knockouts under 30 seconds.

Cheering for Terrance McKinney as a young man was hanging out with friends getting into trouble. Drinking and experimenting with drugs, Lead to chased by cops and Terrance going through the cops window. Almost dying inside the ambulance truck but someone from above was looking out for him.

Now Terrance McKinney several years later is fighting for the Legacy Fighting Alliance, VERY close to signing with UFC or Bellator.

“I honestly didn’t know what happened,” McKinney recalled. “I thought I was still sitting on the couch tripping. It felt like I just woke up from a dream. I didn’t even know how I got to the hospital. I was like, ‘What the heck did I do? I’m at the hospital.’ I was freaking out. ‘What happened?’ I didn’t know what was going on. I had random people’s clothes on and a poop stain from being Tased.”


“It would mean the world to me, but this is just another fight for me,” McKinney said. “I’ve got bigger goals than that. My goal is to have the UFC belt. Until then, I’m not satisfied. Until then, I’ll be working three practices a day until I get to where I really want to be.


Highlight reel knockouts definitely lead to UFC matchmakers and Bellator matchmakers giving Terrance a call. Dana White loves entertaining fighters.

Askar Askar one of the best Bantamweight prospects in the world, Especially in the United States. 11-1 record at 26 years old. Signed with UFC but because of medical issues couldn’t fight Cody Stamann in his UFC debut.

Defeating a talented Justin Wetzell 6-1 record, Product out of Elevation Fight Team.

Back to Back LFA wins can lead to Askar signing with UFC or Bellator.

“Now that Ramadan just ended, I knew in my mind that I was going to fight sometime in June,” Askar said. “I was thinking late June, maybe mid-June, but it came early June. So I wasn’t mad at it, you know what I mean? I just had to put myself right in the camp. But, yeah, if I win this, I see, you know, either Contender Series or a late-notice call, you know? In my mind, I’m going to try to stay as ready as possible after, you know?”


Impressed me a lot inside his last fight against Kevin Wirth, Dominating the three rounds in standup, Takedowns.

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