What a Featherweight Fight!! Lance Palmer vs Bubba Jenkins PFL 1 Main Card

Professional Fighters League returns April 23rd with a stacked card, Headliner is Anthony Pettis vs Clay Collard.

First fight on Main Card is highly anticipated as Lance Palmer Two Time PFL Featherweight Champion will have his toughest fight on paper facing Bubba Jenkins.

Lance Palmer 4 time Ohio State All-American Wrestler, Dominating his PFL Featherweight opponents with ground & pound wrestling but curious to see if Bubba Jenkins can prevent the takedowns.

“I think I can take anyone down, and that changes the course of the fight,” Palmer explained.


Bubba Jenkins Penn State and Arizona State All-American Wrestler. Gold Medalist wrestler in the 2011 NCAA College Wrestling Championship by defeating Penn State Wrestler David Taylor.

“I wrestled him multiple times in college, but if you know anything about the NCAA, they don’t like to pay their athletes. So all I could afford was a Big Mac and an orange soda, and that’s all I was looking forward to after any match,” said Jenkins. “One time I had Palmer on the menu, and I beat him, ate him up a lot, and I was quickly at the next McDonalds order that Big Mac and an orange soda.”


Jenkins because of his wrestling success lead to him to a successful Bellator career, Signing with Brave Combat Federation and winning the Brave CF Featherweight Title.

Bubba Jenkins looking to give the biggest win of his career by defeating Lance Palmer. Showing the MMA world he’s one of the best Featherweights in the world

“Be massive I’m known as the champ killer, In college I beat nine national champions, Ten national champions, I’ve gone to other organizations and beaten their champions right off the bat this is not something new to me, Would be massive. Palmer is a tough fighter, 11-0 record.” Bubba Jenkins

“I think the athleticism, Speed the power that I bring is going to disrupt a lot of his plans and I don’t think he’ll come forward as much as you know he would like to say that.”

“I’m about to finish Palmer is going to put me in top ten highlights.”

Lance Palmer one of the BEST Featherweights in the world, Looking to reign PFL Featherweight Division and win another million dollar prize.

“I feel like I’m going to finish him. I don’t know what round, I don’t care to care to make a prediction honestly but, um, I agree if he catches me and knocks me out is the only way he can win this fight,” Palmer said.

Lance Palmer training with TJ Dillashaw, Juan Archuleta now training with Frankie Edgar in New Jersey with Striking Coach genius Mark Henry. Nick Catone MMA Gym.

Lance Palmer vs Bubba Jenkins is a FEATHERWEIGHT fight to watch, Two of the BEST FEATHERWEIGHTS facing each other. Highest of levels wrestling wise going at it. Hardcore fans are all waiting for it Friday Night.

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