Mikhail Odintsov PFL 1 Fighter to Watch

Mikhail Odintsov Belarus #1 prospect, One of the best European Lightweights signed with Professional Fighters League after winning the 2020 PFL International Qualifier Series Russian Final.

Odintsov former WWFC Lightweight Champion. Looking to become the PFL Lightweight Champion, Facing current PFL Lightweight fighter Akmet Aliev. Making the best of signing with PFL.

Fighting in front of new viewership, ESPN!!

Mikhail Odintsov all-around talented fighter, Talented striker, Really good takedown defense. Constant pressure fighter with a pace. Dominated Timur Nagibin 15-4 record in the PFL Russian Series Final.

Mikhail Odintsov is a dark horse of the PFL Lightweight Division, Definitely watch him in PFL 2021 season.

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