Jordan Vucenic vs Paul Hughes Cage Warriors Featherweight Title Fight?

Jordan Vucenic split decision win, Defeating the star of French MMA Morgan Charriere for the Cage Warriors Featherweight Title. Congratulations to Jordan Vucenic winning the title in a razor thin fight.

Hardcore MMA fans were all watching this fight on UFC Fight Pass, Exciting matchup to watch at Cage Warriors 122.

Cage Warriors 120 watched Paul Hughes piece apart James Hendin in the Co-Main Event. Impressive fighter to watch, Appreciate his technical fighting style. Skillful fighter similar fighter to Cory Sandhagen but he’s a Featherweight.

Paul Hughes part of the next generation of Ireland MMA prospects to watch in the next few years as he signs with UFC or Bellator.

Vucenic vs Hughes

Jordan Vucenic vs Paul Hughes happened at Cage Warriors 119 as Vucenic won by split decision. Hughes improved since that loss, Impressing me a lot with his win against James Hendin.

Hughes deserves a rematch, Challenging for the Cage Warriors Featherweight Title. England vs Ireland Cage Warriors Headliner at Cage Warriors 125 June 26th, Giving each fighter enough time to train and recover.

“I’m not like I deserve that title shot let’s not beat around the bush like one more fight as a I say that’s this is a good guy against Hendin so I deserve that title shot and I will be getting it.”

Rematch can be a different result, Love to watch this fight happen. Either Jordan Vucenic owns Paul Hughes or Paul Hughes revenges the loss!!

Spring of 2021 Vucenic title defense against Paul Hughes!

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