Ian Garry Ireland Next Sensation

Ian Garry continues to make a name for himself for the #1 European Feeder League Cage Warriors. 5 straight knockout wins in either the first or second round.

Cage Warriors 122 win was nothing different as he defeated Rostem Akman on the prelims. Punches & Head Kick knockout. Akman had a short stay in the UFC but still fought there, UFC doesn’t sign just anyone…

Ian Garry qualified in the Cage Warriors Welterweight Tournament, Defeating Akman moves him to the Cage Warriors Welterweight final. Facing Jack Grant for the title. Exciting matchup to watch Ireland vs England.

Winning the Cage Warriors Title makes the Ireland sensation one step closer to making his dreams a reality, Signing with UFC but needs to defeat Jack Grant first before he signs on the dotted line with the premier MMA organization.

“Since I fought here in my pro debut I’ve been saying I’m going to be the champ I’m going to the UFC and I’m going to leave a legacy. There is nothing changing that anyone steps in my way is going to get put down and wiped out. “


Started with Cage Warriors and will finish with Cage Warriors before signing with UFC. Shows how talented of a promotion Cage Warriors is, Developing future champions and future stars.

Ian Garry is that future star as Conor McGregor is on his way out soon. Someone needs to take the throne and why not Ian Garry?

“Cage Warriors is a well oiled machine and they know exactly what to do exactly with talent like me. They build fighters young fighters, Talented people they build them up to ranks give the test time and time again.”


Ian Garry vs Jack Grant headlining Cage Warriors event this summer? Who wants it more. Garry expected favorite can’t look pass the MMA veteran who fought and defeated the whose who of European prospects. Perry Andre Goodwin, Mehdi Dakaev.

However the confident Irishman truly believes “He’ll spark” Jack Grant, Leading to a UFC contract.

Curious to see what happens but I know one thing Ian Garry bout to be a Ireland MMA star!!

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