Manel Kape What’s Next after Nicolau Loss?

Manel Kape one of the biggest free agent signings for 2020, Many hardcore fans extremely excited for Manel Kape UFC debut. Former Rizin Bantamweight Champion.

Now Kape with all the hype is on a two fight losing streak, However Kape in my opinion won his second bout against Matheus Nicolau. Lost first round but finally decided to throw a little bit, Leading to Kape winning the second and third round. Stuffing the Nicolau takedowns, Showing his takedown defense improved since his UFC debut.

“It was a close fight. I’m not here to judge, my job is to fight here until the end,” Nicolau sad. “I’m just happy to be here with the victory – flyweight division, I’m back.

“I feel that I could do a lot more, but he caught me in the second round, it was trouble for me.”

Kape Too Talented

However Manel Kape NEEDS to throw more, Kape is talented. Must be nervous about fighting for UFC, Afraid to get hit. I don’t know what his deal is but he can beat these guys no doubt about it. Lack of confidence in the Octagon, Biggest stage as possible!

I hope he listens to his head coaches Javier Mendez, Mike Swick(AKA Thailand) about pushing the pace more because one more loss and the UFC will cut him. Not like he’s an exciting fighter. Doesn’t throw a lot of punches.

On the other hand if Kape actually throws like he did in the 2nd & 3rd round he can 100% fight for a Flyweight Title. Drives fans like myself and hardcore fans crazy that he doesn’t push the pace and attack.

American Kickboxing Academy speaks highly of him, All believe he can be a champion.

“He works so hard and deserves this. Not only is he one of the hardest workers at the gym, but also one of the most loyal. That’s hard to find these days,” Swick added.

“We have no doubt he will be a UFC Champion one day,” he concluded.

Kape vs Tyson Nam or Jordan Espinosa

That being said Manel Kape former Rizin Bantamweight Champion, Main Event Attraction. Early finisher for Rizin can transfer those early finishes to UFC.

Make it or break it time for Manel Kape. Fight this summer or spring against two tough opponents. Tyson Nam or Jordan Espinosa. Both fighters coming off losses. Tyson Nam fighting for UFC since 2017. Last fight was against Matt Schnell while Jordan Espinosa lost against Tim Elliot at UFC 259.

Kape vs Espinosa fun fight to watch on the prelims. Jordan Espinosa alumni of the Dana White Contender Series.

Give Kape some confidence against TOUGH flyweights, Learning from his mistakes. Key is throwing more strikes, Earn an obvious unanimous victory from the judges or knockout his opponent. Leading to 50k bonus for Manel Kape.

I hope Manel Kape learns his lesson and looks his best since his Rizin 20 performance against Kai Asakura!

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