Ruslan Emilbek One Championship Debut

Ruslan Emilbek Kyrgyzstan born and raised 12-0 Featherweight prospect is making his One Championship debut tomorrow at Fist of Fury 2. Debut I’m definitely excited about.

Ruslan Emilbek is one of the best Featherweight prospects from China, Fighting in the China regional promotion Chin Woo Men. Significant win fighting for ACA. Defeating Lambert Akhiadov(9-4).

Winning ACA fight in dominant fashion from striking, Takedowns, Takedown defense. Impressive performance lead to Ruslan signing with One Championship.

Bright addition to the One Championship Featherweight division, First fight is against Yoshiki Nakahara, One Championship record of 2-1. Lost to world class jiu-jitsu player Gary Tonon. Experienced fighter, Successful career with One Championship and Pancrase.

No easy debut but Ruslan is the more talented all-around fighter. Fighting style I appreciate, Technical high level fighter.

Ruslan Emilbek will have a bright future for One Championship. Top of the food chain Featherweight fighter, Defeating featherweights because of his grappling ability.

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