ACA 2021 Goncharov vs Zulaev

ACA Featherweight Division top 5 Featherweight division in the world. Leading the charge is Felipe Froes ACA Featherweight Division. Featherweight division has young hungry lions looking to sign with UFC, Bellator, One Championship, PFL to improve there lives for the better.

Featherweight fight I’d love to see is Andrey Goncharov 15-3 record, #7th ACA Featherweight. Extremely talented, Exciting fighter to watch. In for a treat. Faces Askhab Zulaev 8-1 record at 23 years old. Zulaev is one of the most underrated Russian prospects in 2021. Impressive with his performances in his ACA career.

Featherweight clash between Andrey Goncharov vs Askhab Zulaev would be a GREAT fight to watch. World class featherweights, Future fighters who will one day sign with UFC, Bellator.

Goncharov striking fighting style, Consistent on standing up as he cracked Adlan Bataev in the second round.

Zulaev on the other hand shoots for the takedown and executes his striking when seeing an opening.

Two different fighting styles make a GREAT fight to watch for ACA in 2021.

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