Mateusz Gamrot vs Bobby Green Spring of 2021

Mateusz Gamrot former KSW Featherweight and Lightweight Champion lost his first fight in the UFC but the sky’s the limit for Gamrot. Before signing with UFC was one of the best Lightweight prospects in the world. Now he can show he’s one of the best UFC Lightweights.

Gamrot vs Bobby Green

Gamrot last fight was in October 2020. Time for a fight soon!! Fight against Bobby Green, UFC Lightweight Veteran. One of the fighters who took advantage of Covid-19 with quick turn around fights.

Bobby Green wins over Lando Vanatta, Josh Thomson, Clay Guida. Green is one of those fighters who always come out and puts on a performance, Win or lose. He’s a name and Mateusz Gamrot defeats Bobby Green, Man that would really help.

UFC is high on Gamrot and I completely understand, One of the best Lightweights in the world. Judges screwed him out of a loss and scheduled bout… Fighting Bobby Green April 2021.

– It wasn’t mine fight. This is nonsense, “no 1 bulshit”. I am an honest man, you know. Both me and this guy worked hard, but when it came to that verdict … it wasn’t my fight. How many times has this guy brought me down? I am sorry to say this, but it was not my match. I don’t know how the judges scored this fight. Thanks a lot of course, but I’m not happy because it’s not what I expected. Gamrot brother, you are a fighter, thank you very much. I’ve already told you this, you won this fight, it was yours – said Kutateladze after the fight.

“January, March I’ll be Ready.” Mateusz Gamrot

Gamrot doesn’t need to fight UFC fighters with 10-0 records, Lower ranked opponents. Match him up against Mateusz Gamrot and see what he does!! KSW Featherweight and Lightweight Champion for a reason. UFC sees the talent there and fighting a tough as nails fighter like Bobby Green will see what he’s all about.

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