Logan Storley vs Neiman Gracie Spring of 2021

Loss is a loss but Logan Storley loss to Yaroslav Amosov really impressed me. Toughest fight Yaroslav Amosov ever had and Storley continued to challenge Amosov till the last second. Winning sprawls, Stuffing takedowns. Hitting Amosov in those three rounds.

Looking back at that fight you’ll see the improvements in Storley and one day he will challenge for the Bellator Welterweight title.

Logan Storley vs Neiman Gracie

Logan Storley vs Neiman Gracie would be the perfect fight for both fighters. Storley coming off a loss doesn’t need to fight a guy like Lorenz Larkin or Andrey Koreshkov. Neiman Gracie a world class Jiu-Jitsu player, Next generation of Gracies would be a challenge to Storley.

Challenging Storley’s Division One Minnesota Grappling to the best of his ability.

Neiman Gracie facing a highly respected Logan Storley, Trains at Sanford MMA with Gilbert Burns, Vicente Luque, Derek Brunson. Stories of Storley winning wrestling practices, Winning spars against Sanford MMA fighters. A lot of hope with Storley.

Neiman can stop that hype down in Florida and start a winning streak that can lead to a title shot. Neiman one of the most underrated fighters Bellator has!!

Win over Ed Ruth, Jon Fitch and a decision loss to Rory MacDonald. No easy customer. Neiman Gracie is leading the next generation of the Gracie Family.

Days of UFC old timers, Circus fights with Bellator are done. New era of Bellator with Scott Coker, Neiman Gracie vs Logan Storley would be a Main Card fight on a UFC Event and would be a sick fight on a Bellator Main Card as well.

Sign me up!! Neiman Gracie vs Logan Storley Spring of 2021

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