Rematch Torres vs Parnasse

KSW 58 ended in a shocking upset with Daniel Torres knocking out the French superstar Salahdine Parnasse in the first round. Shocked by this loss as a I expected Parnasse to win by decision but Torres proved all of us wrong but congratulations to the new KSW Featherweight Champion Daniel Torres.

Rematch between Daniel Torres vs Salahdine Parnasse in the summer of 2021 makes sense. Parnasse deserves a rematch and secondly the KSW Featherweights all fought already in the last couple months. Lastly Parnasse and Torres defeated them all besides Ivan Buchinger.

MMA Twitter buzzing about Daniel Torres cracking Parnasse in the first round, Top sites writing about KSW 58 event.

Now imagine Torres vs Parnasse rematch KSW 60, Possibly fighting in front of fans with the crowd roaring. KSW 60 trending on MMA social media, Spreading the word about this stacked event in Poland. Two of the best Featherweights fighting each other.

Either Daniel Torres ends trilogy talks with a finish or Parnasse returns with a win. Earning back his KSW Featherweight Title.

Spectacle of Daniel Torres vs Salahdine Parnasse 2 would be a highly anticipated rematch that would build up KSW brand even more.

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