Featherweights KSW Needs To Sign 2021

KSW Featherweight division has Salahdine Parnasse, Daniel Torres, Max Coga and that’s about it. Shame the division only has 7 fights. Martin Lewandowski(KSW promoter) needs to sign talented Featherweights to add depth to the KSW Featherweight division.

Borislav Nikolic

8-0 record at 27 years old. Born and raised in Serbia. Looking for big oppurtunities fighting in one of the biggest MMA promotions in the world… KSW. Fights for Serbian Battle Championship at the moment but I’m sure KSW can sign him right now if a contract was offered. Entertaining fighter to watch, Ending fights early with first round ko’s or submissions.

Niko Samsonidse

9-1 record at 26 years old, Easily one of the best European Featherweight prospects in the world but is very underrated. Niko has a nasty left hand, Striking similar to Cory Sandhagen.

Daniel Rutkowski

Polish born and raised Daniel Rutkowski #1 Polish Featherweight not fighting for KSW. Prime of his his fighting career at 32 years old. Babilon MMA Featherweight Champion. Rutkowski is an animal, KSW better sign him before it’s too late. Sick fights between him and Parnasse, Torres, Max Coga.

Vugar Kyarmov

Impressive performances at Bellator, Rizin, WWFC lead to my interest on finding out who this fighter is. Vugar is a world class fighter, Constant pressure which is a fighting style that’s I purely enjoy. 15-3 record at 28 years old. Vugar Kyarmov is an assassin.

Yanis Ghemmouri

Yanis Ghemmouri 9-1 record at 26 years old. French born and raised currently fights for UAE Warriors one of the best regional MMA promotions but KSW is A LOT better. Trains at one of the best European gyms in Bulgarian Top Team. Defeated Rachid Haz 8-1 record. Star written all over him. Becoming a superstar like French native Salahdine Parnasse.

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