Watch KSW 58 for Parnasse vs Torres

KSW #1 European MMA Promotion is promoting another banger with KSW 58 Parnasse vs Torres.

Salahdine Parnasse KSW Featherweight Champion, French sensation and superstar fighting Daniel Torres, KSW Featherweight #1 Contender. On paper is a exciting Featherweight fight to watch under the radar unless you are a hardcore fan.

KSW 58 Parnasse vs Torres is a fight I’m truly excited for.

Salahdine Parnasse

Undefeated French Superstar last fight was in 2019 against Ivan Buchinger, Last fight was a masterpiece for the ages. Defeating a former Cage Warriors and M1 champion. Finally returns to a long layoff against a formidable opponent.

“I was happy and I was ready to take him on and really I was ready to take on anyone,” Parnasse said. “Torres is a good opponent. He’s off to a good start in KSW. It was good news for me. I wasn’t surprised by the matchup since he’d won all of his fights.”

“I’m either getting the decision or the knockout. ” Salahdine Parnasse

Parnasse with a win against Torres will continue to build his reputation as one of the best Featherweights in the world. Past opportunities to fight for UFC but rather stay home in fight for KSW.

KSW has a superstar on there hands and should do everything they can to keep him.

Daniel Torres

Daniel Torres coming off a big win against Max Coga, Former PFL fighter, GMC Welterweight Champion. 31 fights for Coga against Torres fourteen. Definitely gave Torres the confidence, Earning the right to fight Salahdine Parnasse for the KSW Featherweight title that will be a life changing win.

“The fight I see it as an opportunity. I need to be prepared for my opportunity. I’ve prepared everything. I’ve prepared my kicks, punches, knees elbows. I’ve trained how to grip on the cage, how to grip on the ground. I prepare myself in my condition and my mind to be calm. I see my opponent in the fight and in my mind, he’s not there, it’s just me. I get so calm. This is how I prepare myself.”

Will see if the explosive Daniel Torres can shock the MMA world and defeat the French Sensation at KSW 58.

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