TJ Dillashaw Wins Back Bantamweight Title in 2021

TJ Dillashaw one of my favorite fighters of all time, Two year suspension is almost over in January. Can’t wait for his return fight as he earns back the UFC Bantamweight Title in the talent stacked Bantamweight division.

Dillashaw getting many call outs, Several options as the Bantamweights are hungry for the opportunity to fight the former champion TJ Dillashaw.

However he’s hungrier than ever to fight, Prove the haters wrong because he made a wrongful decision. No one is perfect. Everyone deserves a second chance.

“I’m having a hard time trying to forgive myself for this,” he said in a video on Instagram (h/t TMZ). “Which I should have a hard time. But I got to man up to what I did. This is who I am. I’m a fighter … and I’m gonna have to fight my way through this one.”

Feel so much better putting a win under his belt fighting Jose Aldo, Rob Font, Cody Garbrandt in a return fight. Looking shredded, Training at the Treigning Lab with Aaron Pico and Juan Archuleta.

Time off was a blessing disguise to relax, Focus on himself. Now being refreshed will return with vengeance. Dillashaw like Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant has that KILLER mentality.

Killing the Bantamweight division, One contender fight than fights for the title against whoever the UFC Bantamweight champion may be.

“The motivation for me is to have that added pressure, to have something to push for,” Dillashaw said. “I guarantee you this: I’m getting my belt back. I’ll be a three-time bantamweight champion. That’s a guarantee, and it’s going to be faster than everyone thinks, too.”

Dillashaw right away wants for the title but makes more sense to fight once as a contender than fight Petr Yan or Aljamain Sterling for the UFC Bantamweight title.

“He wants to fight me because he knows that’s his way to the title,” Dillashaw said. “That title shot is mine. He wants to fight me because he wants to get to the title, and that’s great. He should try and do that. But I’m trying to get that title fight. If I have to fight someone else, it better be in the top five.”

“No, nothing’s changed for me,” Aldo told ESPN when asked if Dillashaw’s drug test changed his opinion of him. “I see him for his qualities. I see him as a champion and everything he did in the Octagon. He just made a mistake.”

“I think it will be a very good test for myself because he’s very good on his feet and I like his style standing up so it’s going to be a good test,” Aldo added.

Jose Aldo vs TJ Dillashaw set that fight up, What a GREAT return fight. Makes sense for TJ as well, Fighting a former UFC Featherweight Champion, Recently defeated Marlon Vera. Dillashaw was intrigued on fighting him when he heard Aldo dropped down to 135 pounds.

Petr Yan vs TJ Dillashaw or Dillashaw vs Sterling both great fights. Yan vs Dillashaw especially in the striking department but Dillashaw is the winner in all of these.

in 2021 Dillashaw will earn his place as the #1 Bantamweight in the world.

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