Special Year For Aaron Pico in 2021

Aaron Pico Finished 2020 on a three fight winning streak defeating Daniel Carey, Solo Hatley Jr and John De Jesus. Win against John De Jesus by far the BEST PERFORMANCE of his career.

Ended 2020 strong and NOW 2021 will be a SPECIAL year for Aaron Pico. Facing tougher competition, Top ten Bellator Featherweights and impressively defeating them. Earning a spot as a top ten Bellator Featherweight.

Mindset Aaron Pico has now ever since the gym move to JacksonWink changed everything for him. Greg Jackson #1 or #2 Best MMA Coach in the world says “Coaching Aaron Pico during fights is like playing a video game.”

Coaching the next George St Pierre as GSP was a former fighter at JacksonWink before moving to Tristar.

“I feel really good being out in Albuquerque. I really, really enjoy it,” Pico said. “I love Greg Jackson, ‘Six-Gun’, Coach Wink, they’ve done a really good job of breaking things down for me.


100 % FUTURE Bellator Featherweight Champion, Talent Pico has and coached by Greg Jackson only a matter of time before the Bellator Featherweight title is wrapped around his waist.

“My favorite fighter right now is Kamaru Usman, and I really, really watch a lot of stripes on him,” Pico said. “Yeah, he doesn’t get a lot of knockouts, but he wins. He’s winning, he’s coming out of the fight and he’s healthy, and that’s something I put in my head. Of course, I want to be exciting, but I want to win. This is the most important thing. I want to get the W and whatever it takes to do it, I will. I want to be smart. I don’t want to be touched and I want to go home, have no marks on me and be healthy.


Pico can be the Kamaru Usman of the Bellator Featherweight Division for years to come. All- Around skills but by far his BEST is the world class wrestling.

Rematch year in 2021 calling out Adam Borics & Henry Corrales in his interview with MMAJunkie Journalist, John Morgan.

Both exciting matchups for him, Both he can defeat with ease as Aaron Pico is a changed man. Wants to fight in February, Hopefully Henry Corrales or Adam Porics accepts the offer and fights Aaron Pico. Many of us want to see those two matches.

Defeating either of them in a successful one sided butt whooping can lead to even better matchups like Daniel Weichel, Daniel Straus, Darrion Caldwell in the Spring of 2021. Displaying his best skills even his striking that KO’d John De Jesus. Respected boxing even from the likes of Freddie Roach.

 “Aaron Pico is a good enough boxer to be Miguel Cotto’s sparring partner for two of his title fights. I’m not saying just his sparring partner, his number one sparring partner. That’s how good he is in boxing.”


Possibly joining the 2021 Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix if Scott Coker decides to create one again, This time Pico better accept a slot in the Bellator Featherweight Grand Prix.

Either way fighting 2-3 times in 2021 against top of the food chain Bellator Featherweights will LEAD to fighting for a title in 2022.

Impressing all the MMA fans, Earning his respect back as the Lebron James of MMA, Gaining up to a million followers because of Aaron Pico name being discussed across sports media. Mentioned on the Joe Rogan Podcast, Ariel Helwani show, CBS Sports. Showcasing his highlight reel knockouts.

Aaron Pico is part of the next generation of Bellator fighters, One day becoming one of the best fighters in the world… But all of this can go away if he doesn’t continue winning in 2021.

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