Magomed Magomedov 2021 Title Shot Year

EXCITED for Bellator when they signed Magomed Magomedov, ONLY fighter to defeat Petr Yan. Magomed one of the best Bantamweights non UFC/Bellator before signing with Bellator.

Now 1-0 with Bellator after a dominant wrestling performance against respected Brazilian Bantamweight prospect Mattheus Mattos.

2021 Magomed Magomedov can remain undefeated with Bellator and RISE through the Bellator Bantamweight division in 2021. Ending in 2021 Title Shot year.

Watch him beat Leandro Higo, Patchy Mix, Brett Johns, Josh Hill on his route to the top of the Bantamweight division. 100 % capable of defeating all the top Bantamweights on any given day.

2021 WILL be a full year to show what Magomed Magomedov is truly capable of.

Performance against Mattos is only a glimpse. Post fight Magomed stated “Shown 60 %.” Magomed in his fight against Mattos was dealing with injuries, Ring rust but even with that still dominated.

“I think maybe ring rust played a factor; I had some injuries in camp, but I really wanted to take the fight,” Magomedov said. “Also, it’s a new organization, my first fight here. I wanted to make sure that, you know, you have nerves and everything, so now that I’ve passed that, I think it went well.”

Earned his way to fighting tougher opponents after defeating Mattos, Love to see Magomed fight Josh Hill, Leandro Higo or Patrick Mix in his first fight of 2021.

Show the complete arsenal of his skills against a top Bellator Bantamweight, Even Magomed Magomedov himself said…

 “I wouldn’t mind having one more fight just to kind of open up more and really get going — and then I’m definitely ready for a title.”

For example fighting a world class Bantamweight like Patrick Mix former KOTC Bantamweight Champion in the MAIN CARD of a Bellator event, Putting on an All-Around winning display will earn himself a title shot. However Magomedov vs Mix would be a GREAT fight to watch.

Impressive him against Mix or top of the food chain Bellator Bantamweight will earn him a title shot or being a title contender.

Recognized as a rising Bellator Bantamweight, Rising star that all MMA fans start to recognize.

Continue to recognize as he can challenge the Bellator Bantamweight Champion if it’s Juan Archuleta or Sergio Pettis at the tail end of 2021.

This is only a vision of how Magomed Magomedov’s 2021 season can go, May not go exactly as planned but capable of ending the year as the Bellator Bantamweight Champion.

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