Ilia Topuria 10-0 UFC Prospect

Ilia Topuria UFC Featherweight prospect with 10-0 record, Best performance last night by defeating former LFA Featherweight champion Damon Jackson in a first round knock out.

Topuria was very impressive, Even impressed Dana White with his knockout. Not awarded the 50k bonus but will get a solid check.

“So what I’m doing is, obviously those guys win $50,000. Congratulations. But I’m going to take care of (Topuria) and I’m going to take care of Hill, too. So those guys are going to get pretty decent checks,” White said.

Defeated Youssef Zalal, Factory X prospect in a three round decision win but showed in his second UFC Fight against Damon Jackson that he’ll be a problem for the rest of the Featherweight division for a long time.

“In my first fight, I didn’t have the chance to show the world my full potential because when you take a fight on eight days’ notice, it’s difficult to have a great performance,” said Topuria, being overly critical of a debut effort that saw him earn 29-28 scores across the board to defeat Zalal and halt the Factory X Muay Thai product’s three-fight winning streak inside the Octagon.

First round knockout over Damon Jackson shows he’s a real problem and the Featherweights should pay attention to him.

“I’m the next champion in this weight division, and I think a lot of people know that.”

2021 is a big year for Ilia Topuria, Watch him rise through the UFC Featherweight division, Defeating some high level prospects and veterans to build your name.

100 % keep an eye on Ilia Topuria for 2021 and 2022, world class fighter to represent Georiga and become a Featherweight champion maybe.

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