Raufeon Stots Fight Options after Bellator 253

Raufeon Stots continues his three fight winning streak by defeating Keith Lee( Kevin Lee’s younger brother) in a dominant performance as Stots rises through the Bellator Bantamweight rankings.

Stots is a force to be reckoned with his Division 2 All-American Wrestling and coached by Duke Roufus.

Looking forward to seeing who Stots fights next in 2021.

“I’m at a position where I’m like I want to fight the best you know I want to prove I’m the best the hard way. ” Raufeon Stots

Fights like James Gallagher “Little Lucky Charm.” Leandro Higo, Josh Hill, Patchy Mix and Sergio Pettis.

“James Gallagher is just funny, You know what I mean he’s like a little lucky charms, You got a little lucky charms on the freaking box and you know uh a fight with him is like.” Raufeon Stots

Fight against Sergio Pettis, Training Partner and teammate is interested in a fight with him since it will help move up the Bellator rankings. Fighting for a title with a win against Sergio Pettis. Business is Business.

Needs to provide for his family, Sets himself up for a future Bellator Bantameight Title Shot with a impressive win against Pettis.

However Stots will take on any challenge that leads to him climbing up the rankings, Fighting for a title one day.

” I don’t like the easy way out I want to you know take the hard fights into division and you know keep climbing and keep building my status and keep you know keep doing it the right way.

Josh Hill vs Rauefon Stots is a fight that makes sense to start 2021 or end of 2020. Hill 20-3 record 33 years old, Fought for WSOF and TKO. Last win was at Bellator 244 defeating Erik Perez. Two of the best rising Bellator Bantameights fighting each other on a main card.

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