Aaron Pico Year 2021 Be Something To Remember

Aaron Pico ended 2020 on a high note with a dominant impressive performance against John De Jesus. Finishing De Jesus with a overhand right knock out that continues his three fight winning streak.

Watching Aaron Pico be the Aaron Pico we all envisioned as!! The first MMA prodigy and next coming of George St Pierre. Switched camps to Jackson Wink and now coached by Greg Jackson who used to coach George St Pierre before moving to Tristar Gym.

Everything changed once we moved to Albuquerque, Training at Jackson Wink. Now seeing him on a three fight winning streak, Winning in impressive fashion.

“I’m very happy with the team that I have now,” Pico said. “Win, lose or draw, honestly, Albuquerque’s a great home for me.”


“I’m really young in the game. I’ve got skills, but I need to slow it down a little bit and really learn a lot. I’m very fortunate (Greg) spends a lot of time with me, as do all of the coaches, so I feel really good being in Albuquerque, for sure.”


Learning from either the best or one of the best coaches in the game, Greg Jackson definitely will help Aaron Pico moving forward. Happy he found a home in Jackson Wink where Pico can prosper, Maximizing his potential. Becoming his favorite fighter of all time in George St Pierre, Modeling the way he carried himself in the ring and outside.

Looking forward to seeing more of that George St Pierre potential potential as he faces tougher Bellator featherweights or Featherweight prospects that Bellator signs to face Aaron Pico in 2021. Rematch between Aaron Pico vs Adam Borics in Mid 2021 doesn’t sound like a bad idea!!

However we all know that Aaron Pico will only get better from here, ONLY 24 years old fighting for the second best promotion in the world. Beaten some high level fighters like Solo Hatley Jr and Leandro Higo.

Interested in seeing who Pico fights in 2021. Have a feeling 2021 will be a special year for Aaron Pico as he ends 2021 as a top ten Bellator Featherweight.

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