Christian Edwards Bellator Future Light Heavyweight Champion

Jackson Wink easily one of the best MMA Gyms in the world with Jon Jones leading the way and becoming a mentor now to future Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion Christian Edwards.

“It’s definitely surreal for me for sure,” Edwards told MMA Junkie on Tuesday. “I’ve been watching fights since I was 11 years old. I think it’s humbling to think that I have that kind of support from somebody so great. He invited me out. I didn’t even ask. He just invited me to his house. He said, ‘Let’s watch tape on this guy. Let’s study and let’s work some counters for this guy.’ I’m really grateful that he did that. It means a lot to me.”

Christian Edwards 23 years old is part of the next generation of Jackson Wink, Looking to represent his gym well. Becoming the second Light Heavyweight Champion from Jackson Wink.

Jon Jones sees what everyone else sees, Talent is there and in the next couple years Christian Edwards will be rising through the Bellator Light Heavyweight division.

Christian Edwards 4-0 with Bellator had his best performance so far by defeating Hamza Salim. Looking forward to Edwards next couple fights with Bellator, Wondering what matchups he’ll get.

“Any chance you say to your manager hey I want insert big name guy.” MMA Reporter

“Um like I said you know I’m just gonna let my coaches and my manager decide what’s next for me, And I trust that they have my best interest in mine and even if I do feel that I’m ready for those big name guys, You know I feel that my manager knows what’s best and if he thinks I need one more guy like Hamza Selene than you know that’s fine.” Christian Edwards

Christian Edwards definitely can defeat top Bellator Light Heavyweights but let’s ride this train, Building up the name of Christian Edwards with impressive all around wins.

John McCarthy comparing Edwards to Jon Jones. Bellator version of Jon Jones as Christian Edwards has all the potential in the world. Looking forward to watching his rise!!

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