Steve Mowry Bellator’s Version of Stipe

Steve Mowry Bellator Heavyweight prospect, Sanford MMA prospect increased his record to 8 wins last night on the Main Card at Bellator 249 by defeating Shawn Teed.

First round Ground & Pound finish, My opinion was his best performance yet as his boxing was very crisp. Fluid striking beginning to end in the first round.

Not to go overboard but Mowry looked like Stipe Miocic in there last night because Miocic has that world class boxing. Mowry is Bellator’s version of Stipe Miocic just watch and see.

Couple more Bellator wins, Depending what happens with the Bellator Heavyweight Division, Mowry with injuries, Mowry can fight for the Bellator Heavyweight Title.

“No I’m not a name guy I don’t say names, I don’t bully, I don’t name call everybody, Everybody that I put in the cage with I’m gonna try to take out. ” Steve Mowry

“Getting on the main card I really feel like if there was gonna be time to do it it was today, You know Shawn Teed was a champion in promotion before this.” Steve Mowry

Mowry continuing to stack up wins against Heavyweight prospects like Shawn Teed he’ll rise through the Bellator rankings. Watch and see Bellator’s version of Stipe Miocic become the Bellator #1 Contender in 2021!!

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