Kyle Driscoll AKA Prospect Contender Series Debut

Kyle Driscoll AKA prospect, Part of the next generation of fighters from American Kickboxing Academy. The AKA prospect is fighting Dinis Paiva tonight on the Dana White Contender Series.

Kyle Driscoll former high school wrestling champion at Oklahoma found success on the regional scene with a record of 11-3 now can transfer that success to fighting on the Dana White Contender Series.

I never doubted myself, and that’s what makes me different. In those moments, I have more confidence and belief that I can make it to the top than ever before. Unwavering confidence. Now that I have this win streak going and my confidence is building, I’m just constantly evolving, always just building. No one can stop it. If I fought a UFC guy this weekend, he’s getting put out in the first round.

Confidence building up couple years ago, Now one of the best Featherweight prospects in the world. Prove he’s capable of succeeding on the Dana White Contender Series.

Looking forward to his fight against Dinis Paiva, Watching a talented wrestler whose an all around talent now. Training at one of the best MMA Gyms in the world in American Kickboxing Academy.

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