Youssef Zalal UFC Featherweight prospect to keep an Eye On

Youssef Zalal Newest UFC Featherweight prospect outclasses Peter Barrett Friday Night with a dominant win, Four fight winning streak. All of three wins Zalal has been impressive, Similar fighting style not gonna lie to Dominick Cruz.

End the year on a five fight winning streak defeating a tough UFC Featherweight prospect, Showing his striking skills. Maybe a sweet knockout in the first round on a UFC Pay Per View in October. Talked about as one of the rising UFC Featherweight prospects.

Youssef Zalal not edging as a top 20-25 UFC Featherweight in 2020 but readers keep an eye on this kid. He has the right team around him by training at Factory X Muay Thai. Coached by coach of the year candidate Marc Montoya.

2021 Zalal will continue to rise through the UFC Featherweight rankings or the UFC Bantamweight rankings since he discussed moving down to Bantamweight. Either way he’s a UFC prospect to keep on these next couple years.

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