Rhys McKee Prospect to Watch UFC Fight Night

Rhys Mckee short notice fight against Khamzat Chimaev who dominated John Phillips in his UFC debut. Everyone is high on Chimaev but Rhys McKee is my prospect to watch because he’s the former BAMMA Lightweight Champion, Fights for Cage Warriors.

McKee is a savage and a talented fighter, Will see McKee defeat Chimaev and rise in 2020.

“I never would have signed that contract unless I was coming home with anything less than a win. Again, I’m really not here to get a nice new tracksuit. I’m here to take the win.”


Fight against Perry Goodwin, Goodwin would take down McKee but because of McKee sneaky jiu-jitsu would do a Guillotine choke on the ground. Believe McKee will challenge Chimaev wrestling.

Impressive win against Chimaev in his UFC debut on the main card slot is a great way to begin your UFC career instead of a boring dragging fight.

All the makings to become a star, Taking advantage of the new eyes on him.

“And I believe he will become a big star of the UFC. The UFC ones will love him.”


Spotlight won’t be big for Rhys McKee as he’s confident in his all around skills that will defeat Chimaev tonight.

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