Khusein Askhabov UFC Yas Island?

Ukraine, Russia, Caucasus is hot bed of talent since the start of MMA. UFC revealed there island location “Yas Island” in the United Arab Emirates.

International fighters can finally fight and fly over to Yas Island. UFC signed M1 Lightweight Champion Roman Bogatov and will fight at UFC 251.

Time for Sean Shelby to sign Khusein Askhabov #1 Ukraine Prospect.

Khusein Askhabov

  1. 20-0 record
  2. 25 years old
  3. WWFC Bantamweight Champion
  4. #1 Ukraine Bantamweight Prospect
  5. Trains at Tiger Muay Thai

Khusein is an all around talent, Perfect addition to the UFC Bantamweight Division. Be a challenge to the Bantamweight division from the start. Starting this summer at Yas Island.

20-0 record isn’t a padded one. Khusein has defeated fighters from all over the world from Brazil, Netherlands, United Kingdom.

Sean Shelby, Mick Maynard definitely know who Khusein Askhabov is but now it’s time to sign him to a four fight deal right now!!

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